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Vigil in the rain

posted Feb 6, 2016, 11:31 AM by Chester CND
Thanks to everyone who turned up on this rainy cold day to object to Trident renewal. 

There is a lot of discussion in the press at the moment but we hear little of what will happen to me... you, them, life.... if there is a war, terrorist attack, accident, mistaken detonation etc.

Here are a couple of scenarios from the web

A Hiroshima (15kt) weapon detonated inside a van in Trafalgar Square in middle of working day

estimated deaths 115,000 casualties 149,000 (not taking into account fire conflagration and radioactive fallout)

100 Hiroshima sized bombs in war between India & Pakistan would result in 6.6 million metric tons of black carbon aerosol particles being injected into air. Causing worldwide climate change disruption