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Stop Trident 2016

posted Feb 28, 2016, 6:54 AM by Chester CND
On Saturday 27th February we marched to say no to Trident renewal

The Devastating Impact- Scale of loss of life and long term effects

If the UK were attacked and Trident was used in retaliation the result would be the deaths of millions of people, almost entirely civilian. The sheer scale of this is difficult to comprehend, but is clearer to grasp if compared it to the Hiroshima bombing, where the initial blast alone killed c.140,000 people. Each of the proposed Trident submarines is set to have 8 missiles. Each missile has 5 warheads, and each warhead has the power of 8 of the bombs which devastated Hiroshima. One nuclear submarine has the capability to produce a staggering total of 320 Hiroshimas. Humanitarian organizations such as the Red Cross have said that they do not have the capacity to deal with such a humanitarian disaster.

Furthermore unlike conventional weapons, nuclear weapons have long term effects far beyond the initial devastation and loss of life including radiation sickness which can continue to effect victims years after the detonation.