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A 2016 Round Up

posted Jan 4, 2017, 6:31 AM by Chester CND   [ updated Jan 4, 2017, 6:48 AM ]

We started the year off by doing some studying to prepare for a meeting we requested with our MP, Chris Matheson. We eventually met with Chris
in April and had a good discussion, although very disappointingly he said he would vote for renewal. He did not know what the Labour party would
do if a global nuclear weapons ban is adopted. 
We held a wet and freezing cold vigil in Chester town centre in February.

A group of us (Chester CND members and other concerned folks) went to the Stop Trident demo in London sharing a coach

with Merseyside CND.

We had our usual stall at the Trade Councils May Day event. One of our group designed a giant cheque for people to write down what

they would prefer £100 billion to be spent on. We were joined by a white elephant made by another member of the group.

During the year we have had a number of letters in the local paper.

Chester Lush contacted us just before the parliamentary vote as they wanted to do something at the store to raise awareness.

We provided posters and leaflets and joined them on the Saturday.

People always look out for our annual Hiroshima and Nagasaki Flower memorial in August. Meeting near the river we had  singers

as well as readings this year. It is always very poignant when the flowers are dropped on the water.

Not organised by us but around the issue of Trident.

The Chester debating society discussed 'Britain should do away with Trident. It has no place in the modern world'. The motion was carried.

Chester Labour party has been discussing Trident – at a politics in the pub meeting early in the year and the CLP meeting before the

 Labour Party conference. The majority view at the moment is for Labour to scrap Trident.