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Welcome to the Archives! Here we store valuable scrolls from the past, dating back to ancient Egypt - okay, well, to September 24th, anyways. Eventually it'll be sorted into month-by-month entries, but not now.

- Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Yesterday's meeting took place in the front half of the Physics room, to avoid the Ripple Tank lab dealing with waves. New member Dimitri Khrakovsky introduced a new game, Corners, which is explained on this link. Turnout nearly doubled near 4:00 when Ali, Yash, and Ross returned from track, only minutes after Naren and Mark had left.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


The only noon meeting in recent memory did not draw a huge crowd - post-exam fatigue being the most likely culprit. Secretary Naren the Great won his only game, yet did not win his campaign to cut the club short for a trip to Subway. Efforts to record the proceedings continued, although on a much lower-quality recording device.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Good meeting yesterday. We played several regular games, and during the last one we discussed deep (and not-quite-so-deep) philosophical topics. Shams ingeniously thought to record it on his MP3 player midway through, so we now have 25 minutes of Chess Club sounds recording, including great commentary doing a 1-minute-each timed game between Aasim and Naren, which took nearly as long to figure out whose timer ran out first as it did to play the game.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


With just two weeks remaining until the end of the term, there was still uncertainty over the eligibility for titles based on composite strength. Everyone agreed that someone with one game shouldn't be eligible to win the title. Thus, in lieu of a better suggestion, I am hereby setting forth a requirement of 0.85 games played times the number of meetings, and then rounding down the product. With 18 meetings this term, that would be 15 games required. The same number would likely be used for the second term, with a slightly lower number used for the whole year, 0.7 being the initial estimate. To view the number of games that everyone has, either download the updated Excel data sheet, or add up the numbers from the Rankings page.

Feel free to suggest improvements. Either catch me sometime in the next two weeks or e-mail me at the address below.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Decent meeting yesterday. Shams, Yash, and I all played 2 games each against the others at the same time, with Shams winning both his games. Two more meetings remain for the semester.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Happy New Year's! Our first meeting of this calendar year will be tomorrow. Hope to see everyone there. Good luck surviving the first week back!

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Today I've added a few things to the downloads section. Also basically got everything up-to-date. An update to the ratings program has been done, but that is nothing major. Archive_Search is a program that can be used to search the archives for any given text without reading it all yourself. It's not completed yet, but works and I figured the first version might as well come out now. It currently can search within September and October.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Today we had the last meeting of 2006. Again turnout was low. Ali was back for the first time since October, however. Tournament play will conclude in January. We'll meet again in 2007!

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


We're having one last meeting before break. Tomorrow.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Shams was the leader of Chess Club today. Turnout was lower than usual. The final round of the tournament is ready for next week.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Despite somewhat low turnout, tournament play continued. Aasim upset Mark to earn a spot in the semifinals against either Shams or Andrew, and Ben also advanced to what promises to be a very good semifinal game against Mr. Lane.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


It's official: the website is now visible at school. Try it for yourself! I'd like to thank Secure Computing Corporation here as well for their quick response and action.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


I've updated the Old Versions page a bit (oddly enough) and Version 0.3 is there for everyone who couldn't wait to see it. I also am pleased to announce that it has become significantly more likely that you'll soon be able to view this site at school, although the length of time it'll take could vary from any day until after break until next school year. We'll find out eventually.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


A minor bug has been addressed in the ratings program, and a new version posted. Another potential bug has been thought of, though not tested, and a complicated method to make the rankings even fairer has been thought of. But I've been awake way too long - almost 23 hours - and there's school today, so I think I'll get some sleep and experiment with those ideas later.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Welcome to Chess Club Brian, Kevin, Kyle, and Ryhan!

We have a slight problem with our statistics, with Aasim being 4-3 against students and 3-4 overall. I'll sort it out tonight or tomorrow, whenever there's time. *Fixed. Error in the text file.

Our tournament began today, with five tournament games being played. The final tally is 12 players in. The two upsets today were # 9 Yash over # 8 Vladimir and # 5 Mr. Lane over #4 Naren. Tournament play will continue next week; check the Tournament tab for the up-to-date bracket.

We also had the latest time for the end of the last game today. Mr. Lane defeated Andrew in a game that lasted until 5:42 P.M.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Chess Club will meet today. A tournament is starting, and the opening brackets are available from the left. Best of luck to all, and hopefully we'll have a champion for our first tournament by the end of the year!
If anyone would like to join but isn't listed, just come today and we'll add you in.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


After two months the Excel file has been updated! Time to start guessing whether it'll be updated again before January 25th - no one knows for sure!
There's still time left in the weekend. Enjoy it!

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


I've fixed a bug in the chess ratings program, and another version has come out. I'd thought I'd ironed out all the bugs with version 0.75, but I found one about a week later. This is certainly the last one, though! At least, I think it is.

I also just noticed that I hadn't remembered to update the "Up to date through" line on the Rankings page since October 19th. Oops. They were being updated. That line is now up-to-date as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


We had our first game of Communist Chess today at Chess Club. In a close game, Andrew won against Mr. Lane with just one pawn remaining. If it catches on, expect to see a Communist Chess page eventually. Team games may also become part of the website if they are played.

Our next meeting will be on November 30th. Have a good break, everyone!

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Today at Chess Club Mr. Lane was temporarily possessed by evil spirits. You never know what will happen thanks to our amazing advisor.

Also, we now have a confirmed meet on Tuesday of next week, the last day of school before Thanksgiving.

Finally, I've got the links back to the left side of the Rankings pages. The main column is slightly off-center now, but it ought to be better than it was.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Well, Shams started the old news archive the other day - a good idea, really. It would be rather ridiculous come April with a whole year's worth of entries to scroll through. I'll finish the job now - as seen below Shams was rather tired when he started refiling.

Also, Chess Club meets tomorrow. We'll try to organize the tournament if there is sufficient interest. Shams, if you read this tonight, GET SOME SLEEP! It'll help your game, and it's far better to do frivolous stuff like that at a time other than the Chess Club meeting - preferably beforehand so you play better. Also, welcome back to the site.

I'll try to get a meeting set up for next week, as well, as Thanksgiving denies us the attendance of school most of the week (what a shame!). Check the Meetings page this weekend for the final word.

If anyone's noticed a problem with the links on the Rankings pages showing up below the text instead of on the side, so have I. And now it's showing up like that in the editor, too, and it's not fixing itself super-quickly, so I'll figure it out later when I have some time.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


I'll format this later... It's literally 4:37 AM Eastern Time. Shams hat zurückgegangen. Okay. Updates. Yeah. I need to sleep. I'll post later in the day.

NOVEMBER 9, 2006
Congratulations to Ben, who won five games yesterday. The only other game was an hour-and-a-half epic game between Vladimir and I, finished afterwards. Also, there still might be a tournament in December if enough people show interest.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Chess Club went OK today. We had two new members, Aasim (who come often last year) and Ambrose. We clarified the en passant move. Vladimir realized his goal of defeating Ben. Shams wasn't there, though. Said he wasn't coming because Chance wasn't. So much for perfect attendance.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Good news - I've found a way to display the website at school. Bad news - it doesn't work on Macs.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

It's now official: Starting on November 8th, Chess Club will be meeting on Wednesdays. There will be one more Thursday meeting - November 2nd.

And a new page is being added! A page with week-by-week standings is being added! Now when it gets to May and we're thinking "gee, Shams must've had a really bad start," we can look back and see, sure enough, he was 1-3 after 2 weeks. You can get to it from a link off the Results page. It's going to take awhile to finish, though. And it's not going to get done right now, because I have calculus homework to finish.
-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Today I've updated the downloads section so it is up-to-date with Version 0.75, completed on Thursday. This allows changing of input and output files while the program is running. In addition, I'm planning to get a page up with the week-by-week standings and weekly changes. The most recent would be on the Results page (don't worry, the penguin will stay, too!).

Oh, and don't forget, late start tomorrow!
-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Attendance was good at Chess Club today. For the first time in awhile, Ben was able to stay the whole time. A 75-minute long battle continues between Mark and Andrew next week, with hardly any losses for either this week. Vladimir alternated his play-Ben-as-many-times-as-it-takes-to-win-even-if-I-lose-a-dozen-first strategy, playing only once against Ben (and, alas, losing).

In other news, Chess Club likely will switch to Wednesday meetings starting the second Wednesday of the second quarter. Next week's meeting, however, will remain on Thursday.
-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Today I've updated the CCCP page to include the transliteration as it is sung, the combination of the 1944 and 1977 lyrics. This will hopefully make it far easier to follow along (especially since a good amount of the lyrics weren't there before!). Before long, you'll know where they are throughtout the song!
-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Chess Club went well today. Membership is increasing, and we set a record for most games played. And Vladimir set a record. He lost to Ben five times in twenty minutes. It rather changed his position in the rankings. You never know though, he might reverse it next week. Don't let your guard down.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Also, for some reason the display on googlepages HTML edit isn't displaying properly, hence the lack of the typical format.

Also also, I can still post despite Naren's post because today is Thursday the 19th and tomorrow is not Thursday. Shams still hasn't posted anything; we'll try to get his humor back. Rankings are up to date. Peace.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20 SOMETHING Sorry I dont' know how to underline my title, well anyway. I am being forced to say something here. We have being in a period of "shamlessness" over the past few weeks. I was hoping Shams would respond and put his comments up here. But I ain't see no comments. SHAMS WRITE SOMETHING. Andrew is now solely responsible to put up the rankings as he was banned from putting any comments up here as he was trying to be "funny". Shams put something up here or else.... or else u will be locked in a room for a period of 24 hours with YASH (kool-kat). Ok fine i'm done. -Naren the great, Secretary

Well, some genious *cough* put that the meeting was Wednesday this week. Great source of information there. Almost as good as the tabloids. Just so it's clear, Chess Club meets on THURSDAY this week.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

A new update! The program has been updated so that it now allows you to choose whether to include all members or only students when calculating results. This combines the functions of the 0.6 version and the 0.625 beta version into one program, using only one text file.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Still no game results sheet from last week. Thus, we are asking that everyone who attended last week e-mail in their results in case the result sheet never shows up. This will also help us compile an e-mail list (we should already have one, but no one seems to know Naren's e-mail and I think he's the one who has it).

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lane!

The meet yesterday went well enough. Unfortunately, for some reason I didn't have the list of results after yesterday's meet, so the rankings page isn't updated yet. If all goes well today then they'll be updated tonight. Our secretary has been re-instated to the website. And that's all the new stuff for now. Good luck today (see calendar)!
-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

The battle over ratings rages. On one side the evil ELO forces, on the other the valiant defenders of the current system. They seek to overthrow our precious formula. We must defend it! Should we fail - oh, it is beyond imagination, the terror!
Ok, ok, so it isn't that dramatic. And no, I the ELO isn't evil, that just makes for good propaganda. The debate is quite real, though. The future is in doubt. But rest assured, there won't be anarchy. Everyone will stay nice and calm. Get it? C-a-l-m...

-Andrew Jones, "El Presidente"

Note from the anonymouse guy: Anarchy FTW!


It appears that our tacky web page designer has gone on hiatus, so I'll take up the slack. Today the Rankings section has been expanded to include a students-only rankings page as a link from the main Rankings page. This has been possible thanks to the beta version of the next ratings program upgrade, available with lots of flaws in the download section. Congratulations to Vladimir, who enjoys the glory of the top of the rankings.

I guess I should've known that lazier-than-a-pig-on-a-hot-day web page designer would go AWOL someday.

-Andrew Jones, "El Presidente"


MY lines Andrew! MY lines! Lazier than a... Seriously, concoct your own insults for a change! ;)

Seriously though, although Andrew may think I've been gone I've actually become busy making my own chess rating program. See, I think Andrew's current rating system has some very major flaws, and apparently Vlad thinks so too. Vlad was talking about some sort of system utilizing points, although the way he said it, there was no way his way would work. When Vlad mentioned points though, I remembered the ELO rating system. So for now I'm gonna be whipping out the VB textbooks and go on to create a rating program based on the EEEELOW system.

Other than the Eberly guy who came to lecture to us about how to play chess, there are others who also made big sacrifices to make chess club better. Like, Ross gave up 2-3 hours of sleep to come to Chess Club, and Ben risked being late to his job to come play for a while too.

Ranting Section: You know how many devoted Muslims all over the world right now are on Ramadan? Well, in case you don't, Ramadan is a period of time when Muslims will not eat after sunrise and before sunset. This is apparently to teach self-control and to show the well off what less fortunate people may have to endure.

Speaking of those not well off... My friend Vlad has basically no electronics now. His computer. Dead. His Xbox360. Dead. His 5.5 inch B&W TV. Dead. Although strangely he got another one of those in the mail. Also strange - his PDA which is s'posed to be one of the least reliable products ever also works. Well anyway. What about this. ELECTRONIC RAMADAN. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. You'd give up non-essential electronics at non-essential times. Then we would feel the pain of the people without such things. Now why you'd want to is beyond me.

Chess Club went fairly well today. To our surprise a local expert, Mr. Eberly, came in with Mr. Lane and shared some of his expertise with us. We extend our thanks.

-Andrew Jones, "El Presidente"



Tomorrow. 3PM. RM 259. Be there. Especially you Jerry. You know who you are.

That Andrew Jones bloke thought his posts had the same amount of verve and panache as mine - chocolate for 75 cents? Psh. You know you want $1.25 vending-machine-fresh-beef-jerky. Anyway people, remember that our club is meeting on Thursdays again. Can some of you guys actually show up this time? That means you BenMarkeRoss.

Andrew Jones performed some updates to some of the site 'cuz I'm lazier than a pig on a hot day. Naren is temporarily banned from editing the website because he insisted that one of the chess club members was Jesus and/or God (don't ask), and then posted pictures of Hindu gods. Naren Vellanki quit the mallarky, you've been a bad boy.

So Thursday. Do it.

Today the text file needed for the chess program (text.txt - a very creative name) was added to the download sections, after I realized that without a text file to input data from, my chess proggie simply doesn't work as well. Just like professionals, here we are fixing everything after the fact.

On another important note, Chess Club will meet on Thursday. Chocolate is available to anyone who will pay the vending machine 75 cents.

-Andrew Jones "El Presidente"

Yeah. Some more updates. But they're more important! They affect the ratings system! Now, head-on games are not factored in when calculating opponent win percentage. Thus, if you are 10-0 against someone who is 5-0 against everyone else, it will count as 1.000 instead of 1/3 towards your opponent win percentage. Perhaps the best thing is that, for now anyways, I benefit most from the change.

In other news, Shams is creating a new advertisement to go up across the commons. If he makes a slight typo, it just might be 777 inches long - at least then you couldn't claim you didn't see it. Hey, he was going to intentionally make it 500 inches long for awhile. No word yet on whether the Soviet National Anthem is included.

-Andrew Jones "El Presidente"

Yeah. Some updates. That's it. Ok not really.

I thought of something I while back and now I will share it with ze world. You see the 'Ch' in Chess? What we had a typo in one of the ads in the school and managed to somehow make the 'Ch' into 'Dr'. Now then instead of the 1337 clan of five (see post below) we'd have a group of über stylish, hyper trendy, Abercrombie folk who'd think that it was "Dress Club". Yeah. A great way to bring a different group of people to the club and introduce them to the nerdy/geek chic phenomenon known as 'Chess'. Early on however I discovered a couple problems, once they know its Chess Club they might...

A: Leave.

B: Ignore us and continue with the imaginary "Dress Club"

C: Tell us how much our attire blows.

Yeah. This Dress Club plan a'int the best is it? Oh well... I got a gajillion more. Like, get this. The USSR Appreiciation Club, plus Sov's are s'posed to be good at Chess so its still kinda Chess Club.

Chess Club today wasn't brilliant to be honest. Mr. Lane somewhere else with some appointment and he had Mr. Buck fill in for him as our advisor. Kinda weird because I thought the whole reason we moved Chess Club to Wednesday this week was because Mr. Lane had some sort of appointment Thursday? Oh well. Other than Mr. Lane, four other Chess Club members decided they had better things to do. Chance said he's too cool for us, Ross said he needed sleep (pshhh...read post below!), Ben probably went off to play Halo, and Mark might have had piano lessons or forgot - either way he didn't come! So we had FIVE players. Great. Still better than last year's 2-3 person turnout.

Some housecleaning done around the site. Andrew's chess program is now up to version 1a. Chess Club is tommorrow. Don't blow it off for something frivolous like sleep or eating. Especially not eating because you know you want to eat overpriced beef jerky from the vending machine downstairs.

Updated some portions of site. We have big news. Yeah. Huge awesomeness. This guy I know called Vladimir Razuvayev and some of us from Chess Club are gonna make a 8 square by 8 square ad for the club. I wanted some LEDs and the Soviet Nat'l Anthem to play during hall breaks but the other guys didn't go for it. Go figure.


Alright. News for today. Well, we've already had two meetings but people are always welcome to join in. Our meetings are usually held on Thursdays from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM or whenever our chess advisor, Mr. Lane decides to kick us out <g>. However keep in mind that the next meeting will occur this Wednesday.