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Rank_Calc_095.exe - To figure out the ratings for chess club, we use a program and algorithm specially manufactured for our club by Andrew Jones. The proggie is great with its utilitarian UI, easy to use input system, and small size. Also you will need Visual Basic 4 runtimes, which you can get below. The only downside is that it needs a beastly computer to run. We suspected at least a 386 with Windows 95 WAS needed however the recent upgrade has additional memory requirements so the requirements have been raised much higher than before. Now you need a crazy powerful 80486 or competent AMD/Cyrix derivative with 16 megs of RAM. It's been affectionately dubbed Rank Calc alpha by an exceptionally odd bloke by the name of Shams. (Old Versions)
Screenshot  Screenshot Two

vb4run.exe - Visual Basic 4 runtimes needed for Andrew's Rank Calc. Also needed to run archive_search. Only for Windows.

Also, textv2.txt is the text file of all the games thus far played. When the program asks for the file to input from, type in the path to which you saved this text file. *NOTE: Just clicking the link will simply open the file in your web browser. Right click and choose Save Target As to download it, so it can be used with the program.

RankCa95.exe - This is the 16-bit version of the rankings program. It works with 16-bit versions of Windows in addition to the newer versions of Windows, with the exceptions of the XP 64-bit and Vista 64-bit. It is proportioned to display correctly in 640x480 (VGA) resolution. In order to run, it may need the file oc25.dll copied to C:\Windows\System, in addition to the runtime files above. It has been tested to work on Windows 3.11 and XP using Virtual PC. Personally I have no idea as to why AJ the Jet Plane decided to make a 16 bit rendition. I mean seriously. Practially all computer in the past decade have come with at least a 32-bit co-processor. Screenshot

archive_search.exe - This program can be used to search the archives for certain bits of text. Useful when you want to look something up and have no idea when it was posted and don't have the time to read everything. More updates coming, but the initial version works OK. Needs the data files below in order to search.  Screenshot
september2006.txt - Data file of posts from September 2006. Used with archive_search. Download to A:\.
october2006.txt - Data file of posts from October 2006. Used with archive_search. Download to A:\.
november2006.txt - See above.
december2006.txt - See above.

ChessClubRatings01-04-07.xls - Overall Chess Club ratings. Calculated with the above program. A Microsoft Excel compatible viewer/editor is needed to use this file. You can always go to the rankings page or if you really want to see the file download here, or get the Microsoft Excel viewer here. I should note that the viewer doesn't work well with Windows Vista.