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Welcome to the Worthington Kilbourne High School Chess Club webpage. If your keen eye manages to see past the utter blandness within, you will find results from games played at chess club, overall rankings, pictures, and other things. Occasionally news posts will happen when someone feels like it.


Notice: Chess Club dates fluctuate a lot. If you are unsure where or when the Chess Club is please eMail us at Chess.WKHS@gmail.com.

THURSDAY, October 30, 2008
Chess Club is starting up again this year!  Check out the bright orange posters on the walls for details!  Contact Aasim Soomro for more details.

-Andrew Jones

TUESDAY, September 18, 2007
At long last some pictures have been added to the Pictures section, nearly a year after the site first went up.  At the moment there are only two pictures, but more may come eventually as we scan our cameras and cell phones.  In the mean time, enjoy finally having some pictures to look at!

If you're interested in the Chess Club meeting this year, contact either Shams Kazi (imp450@gmail.com) or Mark Liu.  The more people who show interest, the more likely the club is to meet.  You can contact me, but I'm living 600 miles away now so unless the other two scare you too much, you might as well contact them first.

-Andrew Jones

FRIDAY, May 4, 2007
Today Alexander Long's father, Fred, came in and played all seven students at once.  Slowly but surely, they all fell, with only Aasim achieving a considerable lead at any point.  Congratulations to Mr. Long.

-Andrew Jones

Today was the Bughouse Fest of Doom!  With clocks! [Get your own style and buzzwords! ;) -Ed.]  With nary a game lasting more than five minutes, Shams and Andrew versed Naren and Mr. Lane, with each team winning half the six games.  The Fest was fueled in no small part by a "one more game" ideology from Mr. Lane, resulting in him being somewhat late to pick up his wife and hopefully not too much worse for the wear.

There also were a few regular games played, including with new member Jeff Wang.  Shams brought cookies to munch on from The Andersons, and not a one was left at the end.

-Andrew Jones

Yesterday we welcomed one new member to the club, Quentin, and welcomed back another member from months ago, Jesse. Ben also came for the first time of 2007. Mr. Lane didn't come, so the long-awaited Ben-Lane game did not occur.

We did have a team game for the first time this year. Ben and Yash took on Andrew and Aasim, and the game ended with Ben and Aasim simultaneously achieving checkmates. We figured that probably counts as a tie. Then Aasim realized Ben's checkmate wasn't actually a checkmate after all, but by then we were on to other games.

Next week Chess Club will meet on Thursday, as there is no school next Friday.

-Andrew Jones

AJ edited my post. :(


Anyway. Chess club need more members. Whatever happened to that Mark bloke and that guy with the nice and bright forehead.

This week is the bughouse fest of doom. WITH CLOCKS! Joseph this means you! Usually when we play we have the worst pairings and we end up really screwing up and three people end up angry.

Let's get it right this time!!!

-Shams Kazi


Today a new page was made, containing the standings one month at a time. This page, viewable here or via Results-->Past Standings -->Month v. Month, allows you to quickly figure out during which months you excelled and during which you didn't.

Chess Club will meet Friday this week in Room 259.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

Shams continued his winning ways against the slumping Naren yesterday while Yash and Aasim split two games. Meanwhile, Mr. Lane and Andrew versed each other twice, battling to the end, yet in the end neither had a win to show for the effort, for they ended in a draw and stalemate. WKHS graduate Sean Calhoun came in with Mr. Lane and watched the action while talking about various topics in life. Mr. Lane once again brought in some popcorn and cookies, proving his skill at finding food in the teacher's workroom.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente

FRIDAY 3:47 AM, FEBRUARY 16, 2007
Alright. The days have been going well at Dress Club err... Chess Club. For the last couple weeks, after each Chess Club if Naren and his 90's Camry were present, Andrew the Prez and I, Shams the Short would accompany the TBO (Tall Brown One) Naren to some fast food place. Usually we go to Subway to eat fresh, however last week I thought we should try something else. Donatos was on the same plaza so we decided to eat there. We had foods. T'was good. Especially the Chicken Strips [of DOOM*]. We ordered one pizza, 1/2 cheese for the vegitarian (+ chicken eater) Naren whilst Andrew and I mercilessly feasted on sausage and mushroom pizza. C'est tres bon!

If anyone wants to join us they're welcome to join us. Cost is about $5-6 usually not including the drinks. Naren and I are Indian so it's normal for us to get the free water. Andrew being the minority in this trio wanted to fit into the Indian Duo, so he decided to take the money saving route as well. Well done, mate!

-Shams Kazi

The Past Standings page continues to be updated. It now has all standings through the end of 2006.

Take note that the meeting will be on Friday this week.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


The ratings program was updated and released today, the first improvement since December 1st. This update focuses on avoiding crashes. It now averts eight errors that previously crashed it, and suggests the most likely cause of the error. A few other improvements were also made. See the change log to see the enhancements, as well as the ways you can have fun crashing the previous version.

The Past Standings page has also been significantly reorganized and in fact entirely redone. Thanks to more efficient code and methodology, it is already more up-to-date than before and will likely be updated more often.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


Shams continued his recent winning ways today, with two wins and no losses. Joseph also returned, and much to our surprise we discovered that he is a North Korean spy. Chess Club preserved its record of not having missed a single week that there was school since September 14th, meeting on the only day there was school this week.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente


During yesterday's meeting Mr. Lane raided the teacher's workroom and come back with considerable amounts of popcorn, candy, and high-sugar soda. Whether this significantly improved our game is uncertain. Mr. Norris also come in and discussed both technology and chess. Joseph also returned for the first time since October 19th, and hopefully will return again before May 16th.

-Andrew Jones, El Presidente