We are a group of chess players of all levels that are eager to play chess matches. The group is not affiliated with any particular chess server and anyone is welcome to join the list of interested players.

Chess matches, spanning multiple games, are typically reserved for world champion contenders and put a focus on preparation and analysis. Here is your chance to participate in exciting matches yourself! Simply challenge one of the opponents from the Player List

The Championship Cycle

The inaugural edition of the Online Chess Match Championships will start on June 1, 2009. Read more about it and sign up here!

Player List

Below is a list of players interested in starting friendly matches. Find an opponent with a rating comparable to yours to start a close and exciting match.

To contact a player, use the server's messaging system. On FICS and ICC, use the messages command to send a private message.

To add yourself to the list of interested players, fill out the form below or contact Jonasil.


Send an e-mail to Jonasil if you have any questions or comments.