Cashfiesta a proven scam site.




I just got this email.


We detected that you have been using fraudulent methods to increase your earnings. Therefore we nullified all your points from FiestaBar, referral and bonus points. Our Terms and Conditions allow us to terminate your account in cases like this but we chose not to do so because we consider you a valuable member. Since you have completed some Special Offers without using any fraudulent methods we will leave the points for these registrations.

Please, make sure not to violate our Terms and Conditions because we will be forced to terminate your account.

Best regards,
James Bradshaw
Cashfiesta Team

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I put spaces in the address so you don't click it.

This site has a bad report on many internet sites now it is proven beyond all doubt that this is a scam site.

They let you use the bar for a long time then say you have been using fraudulent methods to increase earnings.

All that read please post on all forums you know and tell others.

Also if you have used this bar please remove it and scan your computer.

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Re: Cashfiesta A proven scam site.
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Well all this is very very very old news actually.
Firstly and foremost CashFiesta is NOT a program in our program list.
Never has been and never will be.
Secondly, I joined CashFiesta back many many years ago when it  
first came online and I was paid back then at least one time.
However, it has long since been known that CashFiesta is a game
player and they will horde dollars and not payout all deemed.
So some times they will pay out, some times they will pay a few members,  
some times they delete accounts when they feel like it and for the most
part they do not pay out.
They payout just enough over the year to keep advertisers still
advertising and to keep members rolling in.

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Contact any internet authority's you know and report the cashfiesta site.

Sorry to anyone that has joined or tryed to join through my referral link.




















Marketing pond Admin has been online for many years and there are many reports like this all over the internet.