How do I download a new database?

On the home screen, click the Download button on the top navigation bar. In the resulting text box, enter the web address of the database you want to download. Remember, database files are denoted by ending of ".pgn"

How can I put my database online?

Great question. We've provided an easy step by step guide to show you how.

Where can I put my databases online?

There are many free file hosting services out on the Internet, such as Angelfire, Google Sites, and Geocities (although Geocities won't be alive much longer). Just upload your pgn file to your file hosting service and note the URL. Then, type that URL into ChessDB's download page and you're all set!

Hint: An easy way to download databases is to navigate to the page containing the link on Safari on your iPhone/iPod, copy the link you want, go back to ChessDB, and paste the link there.

Is there a maximum number of games I can have in my database?

No, there are no artificial limits imposed whatsoever. However, keep in mind that your iPhone or iPod Touch is not a full computer. Although these devices have revolutionized mobile computing, they still have much less processing power and memory than their desktop or laptop counterparts. We recommend that you use databases of about 600 games, although you should feel free to download larger databases if you don't mind waiting a second or two more. The number of databases won't affect ChessDB startup times. The processing only begins when you choose a database.

Can I use a ChessBase (.cbh) database?

Unfortunately, ChessBase uses a proprietary format that they refuse to share. Believe me, if they opened up the structure of their databases, you would be able to use it on this program. However, there is still hope! If you own ChessBase, open the database of choice. Select the games you would like, and go to File -- New -- Selection to Textfile. In the resulting popup, choose PGN format. You're done!

What features are going to be released in the next version?

In the next version, you will be able to create databases and games on the go, by making moves on the board. You will also be able to play through variations.

Still having problems?

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