Bring Kasparov With You

ChessDB is an application that allows you to view millions of chess games -- all on your iPhone or iPod Touch. ChessDB is a database to hold your chess games on your device.

(Launch iTunes to ChessDB)

ChessDB comes with:
  • Ability to download your databases to your iPhone or iPod.
  • Tactical puzzles and model games in the Short Brilliancies and Blue Knights databases
  • Games from Anand, Capablanca, Kasparov, Morphy, Staunton, and other notable masters.
  • Openings databases, including ones for the Caro-Kann, Ruy Lopez, and Sicillian.
  • Complete games from classic tournaments and world championships, from the US Chess Congress in 1857 to the Linares Tournament in 2009.

With ChessDB, you no longer need to carry your laptop to be able to view hundreds of thousands of games or practice your favorite tactics.