Welcome to Chess@Brock.

We (Dennis Ideler & Viktor Stremler) will be using this website to keep track of our combined Computer Graphics (COSC 3P98) and Artificial Intelligence (COSC 3P71) final project. This site will also be used to give an overview of the graphical and artificial intelligence aspects, and to host the final product.

Since the beginning of the Fall 2009 term, students taking COSC 3P98 and COSC 3P71 have constantly been reminded of the final project that is required in both courses. For Computer Graphics, some options for the final project included:
  • a paper/essay
  • an animation
  • a game
  • a plugin (e.g. for Photoshop)
  • anything that is creative, reasonable, and approved by Dr. Brian Ross
For Artificial Intelligence, options included:
  • a chess program
  • a term paper/essay

For both courses, there was an option to work alone or in groups of two, with groups having higher expectations than an individual doing the project. Both Viktor and I are enrolled in both classes and enjoy both classes, and thus we decided to team up and combine the final projects. Combining the projects is something that has happened many times in the past; students in both courses (or one in each course) like to combine these projects because it provides more detail to both projects and creates the opportunity for students to create a real game that people can actually use, and it can be quite impressive on a resume. With a very busy school term, we finally had time to work on the project after our exams were done. Thus technically this project was done in 3 weeks, which is actually very impressive considering that some people take months to produce a decent chess game.

Dr. Ombuki-Berman mentioned that a chess tournament (with prizes for the winner) is possible if there is enough interest. We hope that there will be one and hope on winning a prize if so.