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Welcome to the home page of the Australian National University (ANU) Chess Club
The ANU Chess Club meets every Wednesday evening in the Asian Studies Building, Ellery Crescent, ANU. Enter through the ground floor entrance on Ellery Crescent. Parking is available in the Multi-Story Carpark next to the Asian Studies Building.
The club meets from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm (Note change of start time)
We run a number of different tournaments and cater for players of all strengths. New players are welcomed, regardless of chess ability or experience.

Club Events

The club runs three types of events. They are Lightning Chess, Rapid Chess, and Tournament Chess.
Lightning Chess events are 9 round events run on a single night. In lightning chess, each player has 5 minutes to play all their moves
Rapid Chess events are 6 rounds played over 3 evenings (2 rounds a night). The time limit is 20 minutes + 10 seconds added per each move played. These events are rated on the ACF Rapid List.
Tournament Chess events are 6 round events played over 6 weeks (1 round a night). The time limit is 60m+10 seconds added per each move played. These events are rated on the ACF Rating List.


Membership of the club is $10 per year. This fee covers the cost of submitting events to the Australian Chess Federation. There are no nightly fees or tournament entry fees.

Club Contact

Shaun Press 0488 954 938

Chess news

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ANU Chess Club

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