Yahoo Elite

Yahoo Elite is a system friendly chat client for use with Yahoo Chat Services.
You can use it with, or instead of Yahoo Messenger™ as long as you don't login with the same account name in both.
YahELite's Improved spam protection offers filters by name, text, wildcard ignores and 'bot' behavior.
Boot resistance and resume session give you more control than ever before.
* This is the wiki Yahoo Elite where I will post the very best and reference links from every where on the net and I will borrow some references from diferent website to have all the best here at your finger tips*
YahELite protects you
from 'boot codes', 'text floods', 'unwanted PMs', 'sound bombs', 'spam' and other mischief.
It runs on your PC
This unofficial, free, efficient and comfortable anti-SPAM chat client runs on windows 95 to XP and Linux WINE.
Use it at home
Download FULL YahELite (recommended) Includes the install/uninstall.
Travelling? Take your YahELite with you!
Read how to use your thumb drive or even your USB capable digital camera! as a travelling YahELite drive..
It is easy and it keeps your personal information private.
Away from home?
At a library or public terminal you can Open -or- Run minimal YahELite

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having problems with YahELite, please make sure you have the most recent version installed. The easiest and recommended way is to start YahELite and use the menu option Info->Update
YahELite will check the home page and if it finds more recent versions it will enable the Update now button.
If you are already up to date there will be a green banner on the top of the update window that shows something like "your version is up-to-date". If the problem persists even after you are running the most recent version, you might find your answer in one of the 'Frequently Asked Questions' below.

Table of Contents

  • How do I ...
    Online help is built in to YahELite, right click on any button for popup help.
    You can also use F1 for the same help,
    or click the ? button and point the floating ? at the item in question.

  • Login to Yahoo Chat.
    • Ensure your name and password are correct
    • Try logging in with a different ID
    • On the login panel press [MoreOptions] and select a diferrent server
    • Make sure you have the most current release version of YahELite
      • Start YahELite, you need not login
      • Use the menu option info>>update
      • Try different mirrors and find the most recent version
      • Update!
    If your login succeeds but will not connect to chat, login and then
    In the chat connect panel after login...
    • If you have autoconnect enabled, temporarily disable it, go back to login and try again.
    • Select a diferrent protocol (YCHT/CHAT2/YMSG) and try again.
    • Press [MoreOptions] and select a different server
    If you are still unable to login
    Search the forum for recent posts containing the word LOGIN to see if anyone else has suggestions. If all else fails you can
    • Find your current YahELite version number by typing /ver into the YahELite chat input line and pressing enter
    • Post a message into the forum.
    • Visit the yahoo help room Yahoo! Chat Help
    As a final last resort method
    This will ERASE your YahELite configuration, custom buttons, ignore list, buddy list, macros and any other customizations you have made. Once these are erased you can not recover them.
    1. Start YahELite
    2. Checkmark the Erase personal info at program exit
    3. Exit YahELite
    4. Restart YahElite and login fresh.

  • Enable smiley themes.
    Edit the SMILEMAP.TXT file in the YahELite directory.
    Find the section you want to enable and change the heading to

    NOTE: You can enable and disable graphical smiles in the MainMenu->Format->Appearance by toggling the checkmark beside 'SmileyFaces'

  • Get UpperCase Names.
    1) login to yahoo
    2) when you get to the 'Connect to Chat ' screen select YCHT protocol.
    3) Enter your name in UpERCaSe letters anyway you like
    connect to chat

    If you prefer to use the YMSG protocol you can do this instead:
    1) Use the menu item Yahoo->Account->EditAccount
    2) Edit your account to set the NicName the same as the chat name except in UpERCaSe letters anyway you like but keep the spelling the same.
       example: change 'girlnamedjoe' to 'GirlNamedJoe' but not 'Girl Named Joe'
    3) save your changes
    connect to chat


  • YahVox voice chat says 'Missing Components' or 'Incompatible Software'.
    Make sure you have the most recent version of the YahELite and YahVox by using the YahELite INFO->UPDATE menu item to check for the most recent versions.
    If the Voice and/or webcam still do not function correctly, There is a utility called YCABBY.exe that will automatically download the Yahoo™ multimedia DLLs, install them and register them.
    To use it
    1. Download YCABBY.exe
    2. Close all chat/voice/cam programs
    3. Run YCABBY
      • It may take some minutes while it gets the required files
      • Answer YES when it asks if you want to register the DLLs
      • When it is finished it will say "done"
    • Start your Yahoo client/voice/cam and all should work as expected

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      2. I am constantly getting bugged by unwanted PMs what can I do?
        Use the menu   OPTIONS->PM&Personal
        Popup a PM box on incoming PMs   x
        Always accept PMs from friends   x
        Restrict PMs to friends only     _
        Accept PMs while 'away'          _
        Only Allow PMs from people that say...    (make sure this is IN)
        [put your secret word here]               (any secret word)
        When someone PMs you without ...          (make sure this is IN)
        [put whatever text you want here
        [ something like,
        [Please ask in the room if you want to
        [PM me, and if can I will answer you.
        press OK
        Now any unauthorized PM will receive your message..
        You don't have to set that up again, it will always be remembered for your next chat session too.
        You can change it at any time if you want to.

        To authorize a PM right click the guests name in the userlist and click
        Highlight user (temporary friend)
        that's it!

      3. Why are my smiley faces are showing up as boxes.
        There is a new version of YAHELITE.TTF that fixes this.
        This seems to happen often on Win2K when YahELite.exe and YAHELITE.TTF are directly on the desktop.
        To correct the problem put all the YahELite files in a folder of their own, not just on the desktop.
        For example, make a directory called c:\windows\desktop\yahelite\ then MOVE all the YahELite files into that folder these include YahELite.exe, YAHELITE.TTF, emotions.dat and any personality (*.ypf) files you have.
        Note that the newer builds of YahELite (build 191 and higher) offer to do this for you so alternatively you could just get the latest YahELiteFull.exe to install it and then DELETE the old YahELite files from your desktop.

      4. How can I get SOCKS (proxy/firewall) support?
        As of Build 163 YahELite has built in support for SOCKS4, SOCK4a, SOCKS5 and HTTP tunneling that will work directly with a SOCKS or HTTP/1.1 proxy server.
        Another way, is to used a SOCKS capture program that allows you to centrally manage and provide SOCKS support for your network programs. This allows you to use most network programs through a SOCKS firewall without requiring the programs to support SOCKS directly. One nice advantage of this is that you can manage all your settings from the SocksCap program conveniently in one place. See: NEC SocksCap32.

      5. How do I ignore multiple users
        1) Press F8 to pop-up the 'Manage Ignore' panel.
        2) Press the 'Userlist' button to list all the users in the room.
        3)      Select the first name to ignore.
        4)      Press 'Start ignoring this user'.
        Repeat Step 3 and/or 4 as required.

      6. Does YahELite show my IP address?
        By default YahELite will NOT show your IP address.
        If you tell it to show your IP address it will.
        This is controlled in Options | Webcam with the button labeled 'Show IP' If you decide to show your IP address (by pressing the button) a confirmation panel pops up and asks you to verify that you really want to show your IP address. This is useful when you want to have a dedicated list of files that you are sharing with other people, they can get the list of files and download them easily. You also have options to use a password, disallow file transfers and listings or to manually allow/deny individual file transfers, or to disable the Mini web server completely.
        By default the web server is Disabled, not running, not advertised and will not allow access.
        If you enable the web server an invisible tag is added to your chat packet like this:
        where '#' shows how you share files (or don't)
        if you also show your IP, a tag similar to the following is added:
        The example above shows your share setting, your IP address and the IP port for the web server.

      7. The Lag-o-Meter adds strange data to my packets, why?
        It is timestamp information derived from the CPU cycle clock.
        YahELite adds this sub-microsecond timing data to each packet just before it is sent and compares it to the current time when the packet is returned from the yahoo servers as chat room text. It uses this to measure the time required for the packet to reach the Yahoo server and come back. The encoding format is a simple ascii representation of a 64 bit number
        A=0 B=1 C=2 ... P=15
        The data added to the packet is <esc>[~t################~m
        This CPU cycle count is calibrated with the /calibrate command which measures the number of CPU cycles that your PC generates in one second. The accuracy of the Lag-o-Meter is accurate to < 1 microsecond.
        If you are technical and want to view this data:
        1. Enable the meter with /meter 4
        2. Enable debugging with /debug
        3. Send some chat text messages.
        1. Each chat text message will have a different timestamp.
          To disable debugging use /nodebug
          To disable the meter use /nometer

        2. My ignore list of 5000 names is slow to display.
          A reasonable ignore list is approximately 100 or 1000 ignored users.
          YahELite uses filters to do the same thing faster and more efficiently.
          Try erasing your ignore list totally, and ignore people for shorter periods of time like 7 days or a month. SPAM bots for example rarely need to be ignored, there are just too many of them, instead, use filters to block them. Your ignore list will be smaller and ultimately you will see much less spam.

          As of Build 169 YahELite will automatically generate and use a dedicated ignore list if the number of ignores exceeds 256. In this case the ignore list is kept in YAHELITE_ignore.ini

        3. I do not see any 'Avatars' how do I enable them
          YahELite doesn't require or use Avatars.
          Avatars are slow, consume excessive system resources and are not supported by Yahoo.

        4. My computer speaker beeps and the text stops scrolling.
          This happens when the text buffer gets full.
          1) Go to the 'Format->Appearance' panel.
          2) Set 'Lines for Scrollback' to a smaller number, like 2000.
          Note: This is fixed in build 155 and higher, you can now have an unlimited scroll back buffer limited only by the amount of RAM in your PC.

        5. How do I set my text colors that other people see.
          There are several controls to set the text color and this can be a bit confusing at first, but the order is pretty simple.
          • If no color buttons are pressed in, no colors will be sent.
          • If one or more color buttons are pressed in, the precedence is as follows.
          • If the 'A' Appearance button is in:
               The color you set in the appearance panel is used.
               If you enabled the 'Send font and size' that will be sent also.
          • If one of the 'Standard color' button is pressed in, that color will be used instead.
          • If the 'Rainbow' button is in, your text will be blended.
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          • I like my text to stand out special on my screen, how do I do this.
            In the Appearance panel there is an item called 'show self' with a check box beside it that you can toggle on and off.    When it is on, you can set the font, size, attributes and background color that will be applied to your text on your screen when it is received in the chat text stream. Note that it does not change your text colors themselves. You will still see your rainbow text, but you can add underline, a larger font or a colored background to make your text 'stand out' from the rest.


          • What is /anon.
            /anon is a chat command that puts you in anonymous mode.
            NOTE: there is no command to leave anonymous mode!
            It is however reset back to normal when you close the chat session.
            Other than your chat name, all identifying marks are removed, this includes:
            • - Text colors and attributes
            • - Sounds
            • - Macros
            • - Commands
            • - Content of Emotions
            • - Auto-Away
            • - Motd
            • - Play files
            • - Lag-o-Meter
            • - Client ID / Public IP
            • - Webcam Caption
            • - Event macros
            • - Automatic PM replys are suspended.
            • - Only letters, numbers, space and a few punctuation symbols can be sent.
            • ...
            • Also PMs are automatically directed to the screen rather than PM box.

            • I cant see my any(my) rainbow/bold/underline text.
              You can control the display to show or hide the types of things you want to allow on your screen, just toggle the checkmark beside the items you want to allow.


            • How do I get multiline emotes?
              YahELite doesn't support multiline emotes directly, but there is a simple workaround for this that allows you to edit them easily.
              The trick is to use 'replacements' in emotions, here is how:
              1. Go to Options->Replacements and make a replacement called <n> set it to \n press OK to save it.
              2. Open up the emotions editor (F10) select the emotion you want to edit and then press edit.
              3. Type in <n> anywhere in the emotion where you want the newline.
              1. That's it, now you have multiline emotions.

              2. How does YahELite ignore SPAM
                YahELite uses many techniques to suppress SPAM and flooding.
                Most of these options are in the main menu under Options|SpamFilters
                • Timed SPAM filters
                  Most SPAM bots immediately start to produce SPAM when they enter a room. By looking for special text that occurs in the first few seconds after someone enters the room you can effectively reduce the amount of spam and auto ignore in one step. Phrases such as Attract women instantly and READ MY PRO-FILE are obvious examples of typical SPAM bot behaviour.
                  An example of a functional and effective set of Timed Spam Filters:
                  profile,pics,pictures,porn,naughty,click,profyle,NUDE,Attract women instantly,READ MY PRO-FILE
                • Permanent filters
                  These are always active and do not cause ignores. Text that contains these phrases is quietly suppressed.
                  An example of a functional and effective set of Permanent Filters:
                  for hot pics,animal sex
                • Trim or discard long multiline text from non-friends
                  You have probably seen these on occassion, long multiline screen filling flood text like HA HA HA HA and 50 lines of smiley faces...
                • Entropy Filters Reduce flooding
                  There are three levels of entropy filters, each higher level is less tolerant than the previous. Entropy filters look for obvious signs of abnormal text, shouting, screaming and other tell tale signs of flood text.
                • Discard bursts of repeated lines from normal users
                  oO_DieLamerDie_Oo says You all suck!!
                  oO_DieLamerDie_Oo says You all suck!!
                  oO_DieLamerDie_Oo says You all suck!!
                  Say goodbye to that kind of abuse.
                • Discard repeated lines from suspected clone bots
                  oO_DieLamerDie_Oo_12 says HAHAHA lamers!
                  oO_DieLamerDie_Oo_14 says HAHAHA lamers!
                  oO_DieLamerDie_Oo_7 says HAHAHA lamers!
                • Say goodbye to that kind of nonsense.

                • Can I use HTTP tunneling with Netscape-Proxy/3.52
                  According to
                  Netscape proxy documents state that Valid HTTP methods include GET, HEAD, POST, and INDEX (CONNECT through SSL tunneling is also available).
                  Unfortunately YahELite does not implement SSL at this time, so the HTTP TUNNELING is not going to work.
                  Netscape-Proxy/3.52 does however include SOCKS5 proxying which is a supported YahELite proxy method so if it is enabled and active on your site it should work well as long as Kerberos authentication is not required.

                • What are the - = + buttons and why do I not have them.
                  - = + are the Screen Zoom buttons.
                  They zoom the ALL the screen fonts at the same time.
                  If you do not have the - = + buttons it is because you have an older 'RichEdit' control that does not support zoom.
                  You can get a newer version of the RichEdit here.

                • My webcam viewer/sender isn't working correctly, what can I do?
                  • If you want to send images you need a webcam.
                  • You do not need a webcam to view other peoples images.
                  • YahELite will start the webcam programs YahSee and YahSho automatically when required, so you must not start them yourself.
                  • Make sure you have the most recent version of the webcam programs by using the YahELite INFO->UPDATE menu item to check for the most recent versions.
                  • If the webcam viewer/sender still does not function correctly, There is a utility in the files page called YCABBY.EXE that will automatically download the Yahoo™ multimedia DLLs, install them and register them.
                    To use it
                    • download YCABBY.exe
                    • Close all chat/voice/cam programs
                    • Run YCABBY
                      it may take some minutes while it gets the required files
                      Answer YES when it asks if you want to register the DLLs
                      when it is finished it will say "done"
                    • Start your Yahoo client/voice/cam and all should work as expected