Chess Links Directory

The world most completed chess links directory

  • – Simple AJAX chess with a great looking interface.
  • – Play with anyone – from a beginner to champion Anatoly Karpov for $30/year (or just play for free on Fridays).
  • Chess Any Time – Gaming zone with hundreds of players, powered by Java.
  • – Rated games with time limits.
  • Chesspark – Beautiful online client with a monthly fee. True Ventures agrees, since they just funded them with $1,000,000.
  • Free Internet Chess Server – With over 300,000 users and a powerful Java interface, it’s no wonder FICS is one of the most popular sites in the world.
  • Instant Chess – Play against players from anywhere in the world. No registration required.
  • Internet Chess Club – Play in tournaments, take chess lessons, and much more from one of the most popular chess clubs on the ‘Net.
  • Morfik Chess – Single or multiplayer AJAX style chess.
  • MSN Chess – If you don’t mind using IE 6 or higher, you can play real-time chess with anyone with a Windows Live ID.
  • Yahoo Chess – You’ll have to bypass an annoying ad and open a ton of windows, but Yahoo Chess is one of the biggest chess servers on the web for beginners, intermediates, or masters.

  • Ajaxplay – Email notification, ratings, and more are built into this powerful AJAX app.
  • – Huge site with a social network, email, coaches, videos, forums, and much more(see coverage here).
  • – Forums, tournaments, championships, teams, and much more are available with this powerful game server.
  • Chess on the Web – Powerful correspondence server.
  • – Extremely popular chess site with many customizable features.
  • Free Internet Correspondence Games Server – Win tournaments, rated games, and even play games for money with FICGS.
  • GE Chess – Ever played chess in Google Earth? Me neither, until I found GE Chess. You can even play online without Google Earth, if you choose to do so.
  • Instant Chess – Play chess, Fischer chess, or checkers via email.
  • International Correspondence Chess Federation – Play hundreds of rated international users on the ICCF.
  • – With tournaments, PGN format support, and much more, is a must-have for any chess user.
  • Queen Alice – Community of international players with ratings, tournaments, and much more.
  • Red Hot Pawn – With over 100,000 users, clans, notebooks, messaging, and more, Red Hot Pawn is a winner in any chess book.
  • – Popular correspondence site with multiple varieties of chess.

  • Morfik Chess – Single or multiplayer AJAX style chess.
  • Thinking Machine – Java engine that graphically displays what it’s thinking about.
  • TkChess – Java or text engine from Yale.
  • WebChess – GNU Chess engine online.

  • Chessbase – Daily news, opinion, chess history, and much more.
  • Chess Life Magazine – The official magazine of the US Chess Federation.
  • This Week In Chess – Leo Laporte would probably want these guys to change their name. It’s still a great chess news site for chess afficionados.
  • World chess links   - International news, chess tournaments, Best chess elo rating
  • Internet Chess Club 
    Online chess community. Find grandmasters, lectures, tournaments, coverage of major events, and an active chat area.
  • Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) 
    Allows users to play chess on the Web for free.
    Play chess online in this free, online chess community with live games, news, free articles, downloads, and more.
    Play checkers, chess, and reversi in a non-realtime, turn-based interface. Email notificiation.
    Place where users can download or play chess games online, interact with other players, and train with Grandmasters.
  • Red Hot Pawn 
    Play email-based correspondence chess through a browser interface.
    Turn-based chess with global rankings.
  • ChessBoss 
    Play free online chess on this chess server that offers chess games, chess tournaments, chess news, and chess lessons.
  • Caissa's Web 
    Play live games against international opponents on a full-service chess server.
  • PostCardChess.Com 
    Challenge the chess machine in a game of computer chess! Play visual email chess with your friends using Internet chess postcards.
  • Net-Chess.Com 
    Play correspondence chess through the web with strict time controls.
    Allows visitors to watch live chess games with a play option also available.
  • Yahoo! Games: Chess 
    From beginner to advanced, a java-based game for everyone.
  • Thinking Machine 4 [pick] [read review] 
    Play chess against a transparent intelligence, its evolving thought process visible on the board before you.
  • Dutch Internet Chess Server (DICS) 
    Play with client software or a Java applet.
  • GNU WebChess 
    You vs. gnuchess, board graphics through HTTP
  • Chess Stop 
    Offers a games visualizer, downloads, competitions, e-mail chess, and more. Also in Portuguese.
  • WebChess 
    Lets individuals from around the world play chess via the World Wide Web.
  • Chess 
    Play free online chess and practice to become a grandmaster.
  • Internet Chess Club 
    Online chess community. Find grandmasters, lectures, tournaments, coverage of major events, and an active chat area.
  • Chess Lab 
    Interactive Java interface to chess games. Online database with weekly updates.
  • iChess 
    Client-server chess games for Java-capable browsers. Spectators can watch live games with players' moves animated on screen. Free registration required.
  • Java TkChess 
    Play online chess against tkChess.
  • WebChess Interface Gamow 
    Online chess game. Needs to have a javascript enabled Netscape 3+, or Internet Explorer 4+.
  • MSN Games: Games 
    Free online chess game from MSN Games.