YaY Ultimate Edition

YaY Ultimate Edition

YaY Ultimate Edition

El creador de este programa fueron dos latino, (zozur) y (Maternatiko) honro a estos dos caballeros que fueron capaces de hacer la diferencia dandonos algo unico  y precioso, En memoria de ellos dedico esta pagina

Hago constar q no soy el creador de nada ,ni ganarme nada a cambio; solo quiero agrupar con sumo detalles lo que he encontrado en la net, para evitar perderlo de mi pc por algun defecto del disco duro lo pierda, Esta pagina es para mi propio uso, y para quien le de la gana de leer aca

Dos cosas advierto :

1-Busquen un traductor de español-ingles para q lean ciertas advertencia

2-Escaneen todo lo q bajen antes de abrirlo no solo de mi webpage sino de todo lo q lusca .exe

 Biography of the YaY

During the end of the year 2007 two programer Zozur and Maternatiko come out with a great idea. That dream put millions of player in yahoo to play auto-chess, create a new comunity and the new age of computer vs computer thru yahoo chess. This is how it began : YaY1.0 program was the first version, this program was very complex, the complexity was based on the requierement of the installation of another program "Perl". Probably because the complexity of the situation emerged the new idea of the creation of the new version the YaY 2.0 (Botijon). Honestly, I believe it was a really suitable equipment, since this program could run in exe formate and no longer needed the "Perl" installed. Moreover, later in early in the year 2008 the appearance of the YaY Ultimate Edition 2.1.1 Program  came along; Maternatiko and Zozur were the main programers on this project. Furthermore, Dene and elcriollito were the testing team, we were making sure no bugs were on the release of this version. Finally, on 12/25/2008 the inaguration of  the "YaY3 Ultimate Edition program" demonstated to be a useful tool and successful to internet chess inteactionilist.

What is YaY?
- YaY is just the "middle man" between Winboard's ICS Interaction window and Yahoo chess server.
- YaY handles commands sent from winboard to its own Interaction window and relays
  these commands to the Yahoo chess server (moves, resign, flag, draw offer....etc).
- YaY also handles commands entered by the user in the Winboard's interaction window and it is here
  where the beauty of YaY resides. Many commands and options were added to make YaY more versatile.
- YaY is a modified version of YtoICS (Created by Chris Howie), and was modified to suit our needs,
  not yours, again, if you don't like it, don't use it. Note: Input from users has been taken in
  consideration, but it was not possible to implement everything.
- YaY is our (developers) hobby.

What YaY is not?
- YaY is not a chess engine.
- YaY is not a Chess Graphical User Interface.
- YaY will not improve your engine/set up strength or speed.
- YaY does not make or handle opening books.
- YaY is not a PGN database editor.
- YaY does not save games in PGN format, Winboard does.
- YaY is not better than other scripts, just provides different options, features and user commands.
- YaY is not a Winboard UCI adaptor (polyglot is) or a Chessbase auto-232 adaptor (winboard232d is).

Todos los files que necesitaras


1- Chess program install (fritz 10, deep fritz 9, shredder 9 and others)

2- Download  active perl and install (Download Link)

3- Download  yahoo auto all files(Winboard , Yay  and destkop files !!!!!!this file only windows 32 bit

   and  install

4- Open Chess Program


Click on tools then on "Connect Hardware"


Select "Auto-232 1.0" , Check "Server name" and    check "Unload after autoplay".



Now, quickly do a double click  destkop  YaY- 


Username = Yahoo İd

Password = Yahoo Pass

Room = .Room Codes Look to here

The script will launch Microsoft Internet Explorer and show the text word. Enter the text word in the command prompt window (not in Internet Explorer) and hit enter.

Ok, now you need to double click on the winboard shortcut


One will be the winboard interface window that looks  and

the other window will be the ICS Interaction window that looks


if "Protocol Error" message.  try  again

Finally, go to your chessbase program, and click on File, New, Two Computer Match as shown in the picture:


                         observe  table number     (observe 1  table 1 go) try write leave  table

                                           sit white    

                                           sit black


                                           start                 start  game

                                           exit                   disconnect program

                                           set auto             auto start