Chessy: The new Yahoo Games Chess Client




What is ChessY ? 
It is a chess client. This state of art program use the backdoor to connect to the serve;  Following protocol  and letting the user to play manually or automatic; can upload chess engine or replaced chess book, can play fast as no one in 1min.

1. Requirements:

- .Net Framework 2.0

- Chessy

2. Installation:

Simply extract all files to a folder. Do not change the folder structure.

3. Quickstart

Open the program. Go to Connection -> Connect. Type in your Id, Pass and Room (chess_r, chess_adv,...), then press
Connect. Wait until Image appears, then type in the Word in the Image in the bottom textbox an press "Enter Word"
Button. Wait a bit and you should see tables popping up in the main Window. Now you can join or create a Table.
During a Game, on a table, pressing Play will let the engine Autoplay. You can press this anytime during the game.
Stop will stop the engine and you can play again yourself. Make Move: Engine will play only 1 Move. Move Now:
If engine is thinking, this will make engine play immediately.

For more Information an tools, visit:

Remember that this program is a Beta Version right now, so some things may not work and it might also crash. Right now, you should always do the following things, regardless if you play with or without an engine:

Connect to yahoo by Selecting Conncetion -> Connect.

Its the same procedure like in yahoo: Type in your ID and PASS and ROOM (for example chess_adv or chess_k), and click connect.

After that, type the number of the image and then press Enter Number


After this, you can close this dialog.

Now you will see tables appearing. You can either Join a table or create one yourself. To avoid any errors, try to only have at most 1 Table open at once as long as this is a beta.


After you create or join a table, the left side are some commands same like in a real yahoo table. However, on the right side, there are for interesting Buttons:


1. Play

By Pressing this will activate engine play. The engine will continue playing for you. You can press this button any time during the game.

2. Make Move

The Engine will play one move during ur turn, afterwards you will have the control again.

3. Move Now

If its the engine is thinking, makes the engine play immediately

4. Stop

Makes the engine stop playing. You can continue playing yourself.

The other interesting part is the Menu Engine -> Settings.

There are 3 Play Modes:

Normal: The engine will play according to the time left on the clock.
Depth: The engine will calculate until this depth.
Time per Move: The engine will calculate this amount of time.

This should be enough to get you going