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 The Cheshire Azzurri team has a long history with the Shoreline Adult Soccer League (SASL). We were established in1991 and were promptly promoted to the first division in 1994.  Both Azzurri tams has been there ever since, earning top spots many times and coming close many others.   The 2006/2007 season proved to be a rebuilding year  for the o30's.   It looked to be a tough first half of the season placing us in relegation status.  However,  with some new additions and strong efforts from our team, we climbed out from  relegation to a lofty fourth place beating Danbury United on our way to the top.  The 2008 season looks very good, with most of the team returning.  The strong show of the o40 team all season proved good enough for the second place spot.  With a couple of new additions and returning players this 2008 will prove to be an even better year and hopefully the coveted first place trophy.   If you are interested in playing for Cheshire Azzurri please come and see us play at our home field at Quinnipiac Park  or contact our manager Andy Aldo.

Upcoming Games


8/10/08 Cheshire Azzurri at Polonez sc

8/10/08 Cheshire Azzurri at Shelton Kickers



   With the summer almost over and almost all make up games played, here are you most current standings for the two Cheshire squads.  The Cheshire 30's are in first place with 17 points and and impressive unbeaten reccord.  They are in the quarter finals of the state cup with an away game at Polonez SC field.  The Cheshire o40's are in 5th place with 3 wins 2 draws and 2 loses.  They are as well in the state cup Quarter finals.  They play the Shelton kicker

All standings, results, and information regarding Cheshire Azzurri can be found at  SASL website.  Please check it out for up to date results and standings.  Thanks for visiting our website please check back often for updates and changes. 

Please check out the 2008 Season Calendar for the latest in the SASL. Also check out the 2008 Season Format things have changed since we had a lot of teams dropping out.  Lets All be dedicated this season and take it to the top. 

The season schedule is already to be looked at just follow this link to SASL 2008 Schedule.

If  you want to get a run in and a touch on the ball, check out the CFC Arena Wednesday nights starting 8-930pm.  Just bring $10 practices for the cheshire teams. . 

     Any one have pictures email them to me and I will put them up as soon as I can.

State Cup Quarterfinals: Cheshire 030 and 040 could we have a wrap up of the stat cup?


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Welcome to the official Cheshire Azzurri  website.  This is your first stop for all of Azzurri 30s/40s team information.

Keep checking back often for updates, game schedules, news, and events. 

News and Information

  Danbury United O30 Win the Region 1.  Next step Washington and who knows from there.  Good luck.

We are currently looking for highly competitive and committed over 30 and 40 players!

Danbury United open and o30 teams compete in usasa national, cup both advance through first rounds. 

Euro 2008 SPAIN TAKEs IT ALL 1-0 over Germany!!!!




 Any other news or info? email me at KRIS