Welcome to the home page for Squalicum's AP Physics I class.  

About AP Physics I - algebra-based. 

AP Physics I is a college-level introductory course in classical physics.  The class will cover a bit more material as the first quarter/semester of a college physics class.  The specific topics we will cover include:

  • One and two-dimensional kinematics
  • Forces and dynamics (Newton's Laws)
  • Energy, momentum and conservation laws
  • Rotational motion
  • Simple harmonic motion and waves
  • Gravity and circular motion
  • Electricity and circuits
Luckily, we have a full year to cover all of this material.  My goal for the course is for students to gain a thorough understanding and ability to use introductory physics.  We will also prepare to take the AP Physics I algebra-based exam in May 2016. However, the exam is my secondary goal.

I like to think of the class as a long bus ride.  We drive far, and we drive fast.  It is vitally important to “stay on the bus” by keeping up with the assigned work.  The only way to build understanding is through significant and consistent time spent mind-on with the material.  I will give the students a wide variety of learning opportunities – including standard textbook-style problems, labs, AP-style written response practice, and peer group tutorial sessions.

About Mr. Chesbrough.  

Chesbrough with  his family - Amy, Mia (age 11) and Porter (age 8)

I grew up in Corvallis, Oregon, where I also attended university (Oregon State University, Civil Engineering, 1994). For a year after school, I worked as an engineer, planning bike and other transportation systems for small cities in Southern Oregon.   Then I had an existential crisis and decided to travel through Mexico for a couple months.

I decided to try some different work, and found a a job guiding juvenile delinquents on backpacking trips through the wilds of Montana.  I found that I really enjoyed exploring the world with young people.  At that job, I met my lovely wife, Amy.  SHe was another therapist, not one of the campers!

I went back to school (Montana State University) to become a teacher, and three years later graduating with a Master's in Physics and a teaching degree.  Amy and I got married (2001).  Four days after getting married, we moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where we taught at an international school for two years.  We moved back to the Northwest in 2004.  

We have two amazing kids - Mia and Porter.  Mia is in sixth grade at Whatcom and Porter is in 3rd at Parkview.  

I love to explore the world around us, and hope to infect your student with some of that enthusiasm.