FAQ and Pricing

Congratulations!  You're engaged or planning the event of your dreams.  This page is a great place to start answering many basic questions about choosing a string ensemble for your event.

There are so many classical ensembles to choose from in the Maryland area.  What makes Chesapeake Strings unique and why should I hire this particular group?
  • Although we are a newly established group among Maryland's classical music scene, all of our musicians have been active performers for at least 15 years each!  When hiring Chesapeake Strings for your event, you will be able to directly contact the musicians themselves, ensuring quality and personalized service.  We guarantee genuine attention to detail and we truly enjoy planning the musical aspect of every event!  
What if I think classical music is boring?
  • Our musicians don't only listen to and love classical music--we are familiar with all genres of music, from country to rap to pop.  In fact, some of our favorite artists are Journey, Lady Antebellum, and Justin Timberlake!  If you are looking to add elegance to your event with string group but have us play Top 40 songs, we will be happy to arrange specific songs of your choosing.  And, because we listen to non-classical songs and the radio regularly, we know how the songs actually sound!  For example: we once played Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" for a processional!
How do I know what part of my wedding needs music?
  • Elizabeth will discuss specific wedding day events with you, but we can provide prelude music while your guests arrive; then music during the ceremony, cocktail hour, and even the reception.  We ask only that we be hired for a minimum of one hour.
You offer different size ensembles on the "Repertoire" page.  How do I know which to choose?
  • There are a couple of factors that influence whether you select a string soloist, duo, trio, or trio with trumpet.  Will the group be playing for a loud cocktail hour or a quiet ceremony?  Are you looking to add true regality and grandeur to your ceremony with a live trumpeter?  What kind of mood are you looking to set at your event?  Please feel free to discuss your event with us, as we will help create a unique mood suited to your ideas.
This website seems to focus primarily on weddings.  Do you play other kinds of events?
  • Definitely!  A string group can enhance the overall atmosphere of any event.  In addition to weddings, we can provide music for holiday parties, office parties, private parties, church services, funerals, dinners, corporate functions, hotels, grand openings, restaurants, resorts, fund raisers, and any event where the guests may enjoy listening to live music!
How early should I reserve Chesapeake Strings for my event?
  • Usually, we book events 6-8 months in advance to ensure enough time to plan all of the musical selections and other details.  However, we can sometimes accommodate inquiries up to one month before an event depending on availability.  We are currently booking events through 2015.  
How far do you travel?
  • While the majority of the events we play are in Baltimore, DC, or Stevensville/Annapolis, we do travel as far east as Queenstown, as far north as Edgewood, Cockeysville, and Reisterstown, as far south as Alexandria and Prince Frederick, and as far west as Rockville and McLean. If your event is outside of those general boundaries, please consult Elizabeth about your specific event details and location.
Do we need to meet with you in person before our event?  Will you play at our wedding rehearsal?
  • Please be assured that all arrangements can be coordinated via email and telephone.  We include sound samples of our playing on this website and a detailed music questionnaire in all of our contracts for this reason.  Before a ceremony begins we will consult your officiant about the program order and for cocktail hours and receptions, we simply set up wherever is needed.  As an experienced professional ensemble, there is no need for us to attend your wedding rehearsal.  This is standard practice for area classical music groups.
Will Justin, Elizabeth, and Devree be the exact musicians at my event?
  • All three of us prefer to play every event we book ourselves but unfortunately our busy schedules and occasional unforseen circumstances do not always permit this.  We do strive to have at least one of us at every event to ensure a consistently high quality of music and to coordinate everything smoothly.  In the case that we do need to hire substitutes, please rest assured that everyone we hire is carefully hand selected.  We only work with our friends and musical colleagues; all professional musicians in the MD/DC/VA areas who, to us, are "tried and true."
Do you have a contract?
  • Once you have decided to hire us to perform at your event, we will email you a contract.  Please see the "Policies" section of our website for more information.
What will you wear?
  • Unless otherwise requested, we will wear all black.  We take pride in looking polished and sophisticated, enabling us to blend into any type of event.  Depending on the season and the location of your event, however, please feel free to request attire other than all black.  For example--a coordinating color, cocktail attire in seasonal colors, etc.

Please email chesapeakestrings1@gmail.com with the date, time, and location of your event to request our price list.