President's Message

Dear Members,
Building on the expansion of our non-profit structure for which Jim invested much time, our new officers and new coordinator (Yodit Yemane) will try to develop a smoother process of transition. This will allow more time to look forward for further enhancement of the Society's activities.  This will include expanding the website, expanding potential funding, and submitting a proposal to allow the Treasurer to ascend to the Presidency in their second year to allow more continuity while electing a new Treasurer to fill/learn that role .  We welcome any suggestions from members as we take on these challenges. We enthusiastically welcome Yodit to the team!

Thank you,

Lynda Dougherty

Past Presidents of CCS

Lee E. Smith (1992-1993) 

Bruce Orkin (1993-1995) 

Wm Timmerman (1995-1997)

Donald Colvin (1997-1999) 

Thomas J. Stahl (1999-2001) 

Sean O'Donnovan (2001-2003) 

Paul Savoca (2003-2005) 

Skip Palmintier (2005-2007) 

Jennifer Ayscue (2007-2009) 

Susan Gearhart (2009-2011)

James Duncan (2011-2013)

Jonathan Efron (2013-2015)

James FitzGerald (2015-2017)

Lynda Dougherty (2017-2019)