Vendor - financial support

For any additions or contact/rep updates, please email CCS so our list stays current and robust


 Michael Findling


 Megan Ranone


 Karyn Brooks

 Scott Ettinger


 David J Hart


 Megan Ranone

Applied Medical 

 Dan Besspiata

Apria Healthcare 

 Brianna Callaghan

Atlas Medical Solutions

 Michael Co


Francesco Grasso


 Paul Bissett


 William Ranken

 Eric Jensen


 Kaley McNulty


 Shanel Anthony

 Mackenzie Long


 Luke Bellis


 Kristen Lipinski Powers


 Keith Bosher

 CS Surgical MC

 Craig Simpson

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals 

 Meghan De Turk Weir


 Kathleen Hopwood
 Edwards LifeSciencesKurt Knoblach

 Ashley Davis

Excel Continuing Education

 Grace Rebull

 Fairfax Radiology Consultants

 Mina Hage

 Genomic Health

 Todd DeFrancesca
 Genzyme/ Sanofi

 Jaclyn Schirf
ImageFirst Healthcare Laundry 


 Jill Diemar

Intuitive Surgical, Inc

 Kerri Scalea

 Innovative Diagnostic Labs
 Karl Florence
Karl Storz 

 Shawn Lynch


 Janet Faust

 Karen Lesser


 William Ranken


 Joseph Valderas

 Mark Hollenberger


 Kevin Klym

 Sarah Johnson


 Ryan Fetterolf

 Micro-Tech Endoscopy        

 Daryl Testa


 John E Schmidt


 Keith Loudy


 Rachele Nestor


 Jacqui Duplessis

 Neuwave Medical

 John McAvoy


 Coby Larson




 Kelli Powell
 Olympus Endoscopy

 Evan Susskind

Olympus Surgical 

 Todd Smith


 Nick Cordaro

 Option Care

 Donna Shaffer

 Pacira/ Exparel

 Emily Smith
 P and G

 Jonathan Dezzutti

PRI Healthcare Solutions 

 Marlo Benevento

Prime Pacific Health Innovations Corp 

 Natascha Vogel


 Josh Schroeder

Sandhill Scientific 

 Susan Sitter

Sanofi Biosurgery 

 Heather Rizzi

 Sebela Pharma

 Jennifer Hobbs


 Paul Maksym
Sigma-tau Pharmaceuticals 

 Celeta Brown

Signal Genetics 

 Matt Rowe
Sklar Corp 

 Breanna Dugan


 Kristen Anderson

Sunrise Medical Laboratories 

 Paulina Aguilar Snow


 Don Mueh

 Chris Frantz

 Daniel Zantzinger


 W.L. Gore

 Townley Bonney

                            Spring Scientific Meeting Planning

Starting 6 months prior to meeting

    Pick a city/venue at the prior Fall meeting and have
        Spring Planning Committee members sign their Disclosure forms (at fall meeting)
    Pick a date (DE conflict with other meetings such as SAGES, ASCRS)
    Reserve room/menu (30-40 people with room for exhibitors)
        See past meeting agendas for guide 
        Reserve audiovisual needs
    Obtain CME Accreditation Check list ( (usually 3 CME hours for Spring  meeting)
    Email Preliminary application for CME to ACS ( for form)
        The ACS will email back approval of prelim application and instructions for next steps
        No fee money needs to be sent in at this time
        Cant send out "Save the Date" email until Pre-Application is approved by ACS
        Current (10/2017) ACS CME contact Amanda Morrone (
    Send out Planning Committee Disclosure if not already done at Fall meeting ( Annual Disclosure         of Financial Relationship)
    Send out "Save the Date" email to membership 6, 4, 2, 1 month and 2 weeks out (Sample: CCS - Resources)
        Cant be sent out until Pre-Application is approved by ACS

     Send out invitation to Vendors for Exhibit opportunity and/or Education Grants ( Commercial                 Support - Rules and Regulations) 6 months out
      Exibitor - Vender Registration Form (
                        Sample Invitation    (CCS - Resources)
      Educational Grant Opportunities  ( Letter of Agreement LOA)
                        Sample Invitation (CCS - Resources)
      Repeat email invites 3-4 month out
      Please update Venders list as needed

4-5 months from meeting

      "Call for abstracts" email 4-5 months out with Abstracts needing to be turned in 3.5 to 4 months prior to                     meeting so they and agenda can be submitted to ACS for CME approval
        Abstracts need to include 3 learning objectives for ACS CME approval
        Attach Disclosure form to email for participants

3 months out from meeting

     Submit formal CME application form due 3 months prior to meeting (

5 days prior to meeting

      Disclosure Forms for Speakers, Moderators and Discussants, Planning Committee are due to ACS 5 days                 prior to activity
      Submit Educational Grant LOAs to ACS for signature
      Submit Evaluation forms and CME certificates to ACS for approval prior to activity

Day of Meeting

    Disclosure Tables are to be provided to all attendees prior to start
    Activity Evaluation filled out and collected at the meeting
    CME certificates distributed as evaluations turned in

After The Activity

    Submit attendance list to ACS within 30 days
    Submit the final Report to ACS within 4 months
                onsite evaluation summary
                3 samples of onsite evaluations completed by participants
                Post-activity Survey Summary
                Final Report

                Post-Activity Survey to be sent to attendees 2 month after the activity and Summary to be sent to                                     planning committee fro future meetings

Retain records for 6 years

Annual Fall Dinner Meeting

Cant start too early thinking about a Speaker for Fall meeting so arrangements can be made
Helps to coordinate with Regional Institutions' Grand Rounds Speakers to help offset costs
Select Venue/City for Fall Meeting at previous Spring Meeting
Reserve Venue ASAP with audiovisual needs
For general CME (usually 1 CME for Fall meeting) and organization instructions follow Annual Spring Meeting Planning instructions
Will also need Formal Invitation to Speaker ASAP (Sample letter in Resources)
        Needs to include: a lecture title, 3 learning objectives
        Attach Disclosure Form to invitation
        Cant even send in Pre-application for CME until info is obtained
        And cant send out "Save the Date" email until Pre-Application is approved by ACS
        Again, the formal CME application is due 3 months before event (see above)
If Speaker has a Sponsor,  ask Sponsor to introduce Speaker at Fall Meeting
Make sure Lodging and Travel for Speaker is arranged