How I Got Over 2,000,000 YouTube Views with This Simple 91-Second Fire Truck Video!

Please note: I am NOT selling anything here but just want you to see this amazing video and share it with your FANS FRIENDS FAM & FOLLOWERS, bloggers & tweeters giving me more hits ; ) and learn how these numbers were achieved for this simple video.

Do you know how much 2 MILLION YouTube views are worth?
This simple 91-second video was a casual 'catch'--no scripting, rehearsing, acting or production. 

Here's the story: I was on location for a tour of the fire house on the South Side of Bethlehem with a group of writers, The Lehigh Valley Writer's Symposium. We were just ready to begin our tour when CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! the alarm sounds. 

We hadn't even started the tour when all hell breaks loose...ok, not really...these guys are cool, collected and professional. But before we knew what was happening, the guys were in gear and the trucks were speeding off with sirens wailing.

So, I and other members of the group were milling about trying to figure out what to do next when about ten minutes later, the trucks returned to the station (it was a false alarm). 

Lucky thing I had my camera with me! No, not luck; I always have at least ONE camera with me! and YOU should, too!

I thought it was pretty impressive how these big rigs slipped quickly and neatly into their respective garage bays without any hesitation. None of this forward, backward, forward, backward stuff.  

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh; each one slides into place in the garage followed by the chief who makes a graceful arc around the lot before backing into position. 

So now I have this video. What am I going to do with it? Post it to YouTube, of course! I didn't expect more than a couple dozen views. I added the very inelegant title of Emergency Response - Cool Backup! Fire Trucks into Garage. You gotta admit that's not exactly a catchy or memorable, but pretty straightforward and loaded with keywords, which is a good way to help potential viewers find your material online. 

Surprisingly, as it turns out, many viewers are very passionate about this video! One mom tells me that her little boy watches it several times every day. There is considerable and heated debate in the comment section about whether this type of driving is difficult, easy or even a good idea. 

Aside from the skillful driving that originally fascinated me, the upward rise in the popularity of this phenomenon just blew me away. I like to think I had something to do with it. I tweeted and facebooked and blogged shamelessly about it. And the more I saw the numbers rise, the more I promoted it...never spending a penny, of course! You can click the image for a larger view or you can go right to the youtube video to check the stats, or as google calls it - 'insight'.

Here is an actual snapshot of the YouTube video stats as of July 6, 2011:

How much are a million and a half hits worth on YouTube?

And here it is TWO WEEKS LATER (07-22-2011)  with 56,341 more hits!
TWO WEEKS LATER with 1,451,035 VIEWS
6 weeks later (09-04-2011) it is up to 1,592,837 views
That is 141,802 more than last count.
Growing at 23,633 views per week!

As of 10/11/2012 it has over TWO MILLION VIEWS
And here is the phenomenal video itself!
(You'll get the 'phenomenal' reference when you see the video!)

Emergency Response - Cool Backup! Fire Trucks into Garage

For more information and references about this article, please visit the Lehigh Valley Writer's Symposium. If you would like to know the whole story of how I pushed this video from nothing to 25,000 hits a week, please use the contact links on this blog and let me know. For any questions or comments, please post to the comment section of the video.

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