Somebody get this freakin' duck away from me!
Yeah, yeah. The page sucks, and always will.

Wall-mounted Triple Monitors

I finally ditched the three CRT monitors that were on my desk and got some LCD monitors to replace them.  But I didn't want them on my desk, either.  So I wallmounted them!


So I've got a blog going now, airgunfight.  Not terribly interesting, by any means.  But there, none the less.


Airguns are a new hobby of mine.

I also just passed my PAL exams for the non-restricted course, for rifles and shotguns.  The restricted course, for handguns, is on Monday, and test on Wednesday.

-Update: I passed the restricted course now, too.  Just waiting for my application to go through now.

06-12-28: Yay, about time.  Finally received word that my license was issued and should be here within two weeks.  Only two and a half months later, haha.


Got Meth?

There's a little drama goin' on around the Christmas tree right now.  Here's hoping my old buddy Daryl gets it all worked out so I can hear them tracks!