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My Music:  

I know. I haven't recorded anything for a while.  I will be releasing new music sometime in 2008.

"The Best of Me" - CherryTeresa (Jan. 2007)            "Modern Day Travesty" (solo snippet) - Skitzo Calypso (2003)



I was in Skitzo Calypso from 2002-2005. Here are just some of the songs that were recorded: 


Songs from "The Shattering". Released January 2004 (Recorded 2003): 


 "Seething"                                                                                                "The Day I Had to Choose"


"Consent To You" 



Songs from "Between The Lines & Beyond The Static". Released 2007.  

(I'm only on these two songs, which were recorded in 2004-2005):

"Muckraker"                                                                                                    "Nixon"