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I'm a keyboardist/pianist, occasional singer, blogger, and Baltimorean. 

I took classical piano lessons for 8 years - most of those years were at the exclusive Wasson Piano Studios in Dayton, Ohio.  I dabbled with lessons in other instruments as well: flute and guitar.   I have very little formal training in vocals. I just sing here and there as a way to express myself.  I realize I'm a better instrumentalist than a vocalist. I'm also better at creating music than writing lyrics.  I think this is because I learned to read and write music before I learned to read and write words, so music comes more naturally to me.  When I desire to express myself with words, I post in my blog.

I played out as a solo artist in various venues in the Baltimore/Annapolis area from 2001-2002.  I was in a few bands, most notably Skitzo Calypso from 2002-2005.  I was also in Sky Blue Baby/Secret Agent Acid (1998) and Beneath the Creep (2005) for several months. There were other bands/projects, but none that anyone would care about.

I took a hiatus from publicly performing or recording toward the end of 2005. This was due to medical reasons. (You can go back and read my old blog entries if you actually want to know more about that).

Currently, I am attending college in Baltimore.  I will be recording some solo songs in the near future and will be releasing those online.  After I graduate school, I will focus on performing out again.

The most frequently asked question about me is my ethnicity. I am half Korean. The other half is a mix of Native American and European.