Tai Literature



        Tai literature is an art that expresses life in forms of the truth and beauty of the Tai people. The quality of Tai literature is its attraction to our emotions and imagination. It is like a door to enter a new world of music, love, beauty, and heroism to be found in the written record of the Tai spirit, thoughts, emotions, aspirations, and history. Tai literature tells about the reflection of the truth of the Tai family and Tai-speaking people, and it is one of the most important subjects that can occupy the human mind. 

        Many people climb the mountain and see only the green forest and the waterfall.  But an author or a sensitive man sits under the green tree and reflects what he sees, turning it into a little poem in different kind of written style in which the natural beauty of the forest tells its own story. In this very manner, many poems
were written by Tai authors who were recording their feelings and point of view. 

         Some Tai authors reflected what he saw in their native town and wrote down the truth of the chronicle of his hometown as the poem and different kinds of prosody style. 

         Khun Sarm-law and Nang Oh-pem is a Tai folk tale that is one of the most famous and attractive pieces of Tai literature.  It expresses the essence of true love. Wan Oh-pem Sarm-law is Valentines Day for the Tai. In the beliefs of the Tai, after the two lovers (Oh-pem and Sarm-law) died they became two stars in the sky. Every year, on the third waxing moon of the third lunar Tai month (Loen-sarm), the two stars move to the point in the beautiful moon light where they are nearest each other. 

        Most people can get all kinds of feelings from reading Tai books, listening to Tai music, watching Tai videos and visiting Tai web sites. Tai has its own different kinds of traditional music and modern music, also.  We hope that you enjoy the literary selections we share with you here.