EainHeng Mouk Kwan

CherryPower is one of the Namkham's Youth Football Team.

Cherry Power (Eain Heng Mouk Kwan)

Cherry Power Football Team is a team made up of selected young people from different quarters in Namkham Town, Northern Shan State. It was built on 13.12.1996 with the strength of 20 members and now there are 82 members in total. In this team, not only the core members (seniors) but young members are currently receiving the training for their growth. Therefore at present we have 32 senior members and 50 young members.

The aim of this team is for the footballers to learn more, be good footballers within the team that is united with better discipline and avoid drug abuses.

There are rules and regulations to be followed by the team members. These are :

to help the members’ social matters (wedding, funeral etc.) as that of one’s own family.

not to use the uniforms provided by the team as a shield for drug abuses.

to avoid any behaviors that can cause the downfall of the team.

for every member, to be able to help or give advice for the development and growth of the team.

to treat each and every member as brothers.

The team is currently playing friendly matches with the other teams. Besides, it is also playing with the selected teams from different quarters and places. Especially, it used to play with the above mentioned teams during the days of transitional festivals of Shan State.

Cherry Power Football Team is now training youngsters at Township playground and also at the playgrounds existing at different quarters. After the training, they are urged to get involved in the football match competitions conducted at quarter level as well as at school festival matches. In addition, the team members are sometimes put into different groups to compete with one another.

Thus, with the definite aim, this major team "Cherry Power" is now nurturing the ethnic youngsters to be skillful and expert in their football career.

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The Federated Shan States

Shan State within the Eight States of Burma

Kachin, Burma Proper, Shan State, Chin, Arakan, Kayah, Mon and Karen, and each state other than the Kachin State was named after the majority nationals that lived in that state. The Shans are the majority nationals in the Shan State, the Burmans in Burma Proper etc. more


Tai Culture

The Tai are an ancient people with a rich and unique cultural heritage. We look forward to sharing elements from it with you.

One of the first aspects of Tai culture to understand is that that Tais include several different closely related but distinct groups. These include, but are not limited to: Tai Yai, Tai Lao, Tai Dam, Tai Daeng, Tai Lue, Tai Khoen, and Tai Ahom. more


Tai Literature

Tai literature is an art that expresses life in forms of the truth and beauty of the Tai people. The quality of Tai literature is its attraction to our emotions and imagination. It is like a door to enter a new world of music, love, beauty, and heroism to be found in the written record of the Tai spirit, thoughts, emotions, aspirations, and history. Tai literature tells about the reflection of the truth of the Tai family and Tai-speaking people, and it is one of the most important subjects that can occupy the human mind. more



Mai Soong Kha (MSK) New Tai Radio station will be setup in the end of 2007 an immediate opening for below positions. Interested candidates should send their résumé and cover letter to Screening will be coordinated by the MSK Committee, We thank to all who apply, but only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted, and an e-mail will be sent out to confirm for interviews. more


Chatting Gtalk with Tai Font

Install Tai (Shan) Keyboard Layout to your computer.

  • Download file to your Desktop and unzip it.
  • After unzip you will see TAI-SHAN folder. Double click on TAI-SHAN.msi and it will automatic install the Keyboard.
  • After you've install Font and Keyboard, you must configure Language Settings.
  • Right Click on the EN botton at the bottom-right and choose Settngs.
  • When this box appear click on Add botton.
  • When Add Input Language appear, check Keyboard Layout/IME and choose TAI (SHAN) KEYBOARD LAYOUT and click OK then OK to finish.
  • After finish, you would see a Keyboard Icon near EN like this image.
  • You are done Installing "SANLOITAI's TAI-SHAN Keyboard Driver ".

Install Tai Arial Font to your computer.


Chatting Gtalk With Tai Font - II

This is my second way to use Tai Font in either chatting or create web-page (blog). Now, we can chat in TAI Font by using DaiLand[inter] keyboard and DaiLand font. Not only chatting also can post on web, blog with Tai, Burmese and English at the same time.

Download Here :

DaiLand[inter] Keyboard

DaiLand[inter] Font







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