Recycled Lawn Furniture. Furniture Pull Handle.

Recycled Lawn Furniture

recycled lawn furniture
    lawn furniture
  • furniture intended for use on a lawn or in a garden
  • (recycle) cause to repeat a cycle
  • (recycle) use again after processing; "We must recycle the cardboard boxes"
  • (recycling) the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products
  • Convert (waste) into reusable material
  • Return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process
  • Use again
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RTS Home Accents 5554-000100-4200 62-Gallon Collapsible Compost Bin
RTS Home Accents 5554-000100-4200 62-Gallon Collapsible Compost Bin
Provide your garden with the organic nutrients it needs and increase its water holding ability. The Compost Machine is designed to optimize the composting process, providing a well insulated and ventilated environment. This tough and durable composter has a twist-on windproof lid and ribbed sides for additional strength. The sturdy collar allows lifting to gain access or compost can be removed via the wide side hatch. The strong collar also bears the weight when packed minimizing any possible damage. It is also made from 100% recycled plastic. The Compost Machine is sold disassembled, each piece interlocking into one another to fit in a small compact box which is great for shipping purposes. Consumers will find this product locks together in seconds without the need for tools! 62USG, Green.

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chanticleer gardens
chanticleer gardens
Chanticleer, A Pleasure Garden Chanticleer has been called the most romantic, imaginative, and exciting public garden in America. The garden is a study of textures and forms, where foliage trumps flowers, the gardeners lead the design, and even the drinking fountains are sculptural. It is a garden of pleasure and learning, relaxing yet filled with ideas to take home. The garden has evolved greatly since the death of the owner in 1990. As the home of the Rosengartens, Chanticleer was beautiful and green with impressive trees and lawns. Most of the floral and garden development you see today has occurred since 1990, designed by Chanticleer staff and consultants. There are seven Horticulturists, each responsible for the design, planting, and maintenance of an area. The areas are continually evolving, each with its own feel, yet joined together as one complete unit. The Teacup Garden and Chanticleer Terraces feature seasonal plants and bold-textured tropical and subtropical plants. These areas change greatly from year to year. Non-hardy plants overwinter in a greenhouse, basements, and in the rest rooms. The Tennis Court, Ruin, Gravel Garden, and Pond Garden focus on hardy perennials, both woody and herbaceous. The Tennis Court builds on the idea of foliar display introduced in the Teacup. The Ruin is a folly, built on the foundation of Adolph Rosengarten, Jr.'s home. It is meant to look as if the house fell into disrepair. The Gravel Garden is hot and dry, a touch of the Mediterranean in Pennsylvania. The Pond area is exuberantly floriferous. Asian Woods and Bell's Woodland (to open in late 2011) are shady areas. The former features natives of China, Korea, and Japan; the latter, plants of eastern North America. The Serpentine celebrates the beauty of agricultural crops. The cut flower and vegetable gardens produce flowers for our arrangements and food for our tables. Surplus goes to a shelter. The parking lot is our "low maintenance" area, with hardy plants that are neither irrigated nor fertilized. Staff build furniture, fences, gates, bridges, and drinking fountains during the winter in converted garages. We take our educational responsibilities seriously but interpret them a bit differently than other public gardens. Instead of labeling every plant, which would distract from the visual effect, we encourage guests to speak with the gardeners about our 5,000+ plants. Plant lists and photographs are in handmade boxes and available online. Study our designs and borrow ideas if you'd like. Take courses we offer in collaboration with other horticultural and art organizations. Internships, scholarships, and staff exchanges help the careers of garden professionals. We strive to improve our environmental impact. We reuse, recycle, and compost. Solar panels produce 20% of our electricity. Cisterns capture 22,000 gallons of rain water for irrigation and recharge. Integrated pest management keeps pesticide usage low. Healthy soil makes for healthy plants; we have fertilized our lawns organically for over a decade. Meadows and sedges replace some lawn areas and we are eliminating invasive exotics. Since 1990, we've planted hundreds of trees here and along local streets. Furniture is now made from wood cut on the property or with reused wood. We recently exposed a creek long entombed in a pipe. The path in Bell's Woodland is made of shredded tires. The Chanticleer Foundation owns 47 acres, 35 of which are open to the public. The remaining acreage is in agriculture, woodland, service areas, and staff housing. The main path is just under a mile in length. We hope you feel like a special guest of the Rosengartens. Sit and enjoy the views. Relax, read, converse, meditate. Feel the sun on your back and the grass beneath your feet as you listen to the birds and enjoy the scents of the garden.
afternoon project
afternoon project
"This is a piece of furniture consisting of eleven identical planks! Rietveld tended to consider designing as a sport."
--How to Construct Rietveld Furniture | Workbook

recycled lawn furniture
recycled lawn furniture
MYTO Cantilever Chair Finish: Aubergine
120720 8010 Finish: Aubergine Shown in Black The MYTO, which made its debut into the US market during ICFF 2008, is a remarkable cantilever chair made entirely out of plastic. A single block of ultra-fluid plastic, specially formulated by German chemical company BASF to meet designer Konstantin Grcic's exact specifications, forms a frame structure that provides both the flexibility and strength of a traditional cantilever chair. The innovative materials and processes used have earned the MYTO widespread accolades as well as a spot in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Available in eight colors, the versatile MYTO is suitable for residential and contract settings both indoors and outdoors. Designed by: Konstantin Grcic, 2008 Features: -Made of innovative Ultradur High Speed plastic. -Perforated seat and back. -100pct recyclable. -Lightweight. -Stackable up to eight chairs high. -Cold, heat, chemical and UV resistant. -Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. -Suitable for residential or contract settings. -In the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. -Available in eight colors. -Overall Dimensions: 32.25'' H x 20'' W x 21.75'' D -Seat Height: 18'' Order with Confidence: -The MYTO Cantilever Chair was designed with the environment in mind. The chair is 100pct recyclable and the material used to create it has been certified for eco-efficiency. -Should you discover shortly after receiving your MYTO Cantilever Chair that parts are damaged, please call us immediately and we will be happy to send you replacement parts as soon as possible and at no additional cost.. -No sales tax, except on orders shipped to Massachusetts..