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How To Paint Cheap Furniture

how to paint cheap furniture
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Edinburgh - Police Public Call Post
Edinburgh - Police Public Call Post
This photo shows the right side panel of the police post as taken from resting the camera against the left side panel. Of note is the Black painted sign. Apparently missing they replaced the hole with this black plastic rather than leave it to shine through. In my opinion all of the Posts should have this sort of treatment to replace the signs. If only to prevent people from throwing trash through. My preferred solution is to make up new proper signage and then replace them. I may never get the chance to do such a plan myself. However I feel it would be worth finding a way to do it as a group effort sort of thing. Mind you to do such a thing properly a few measurements of the signs are required. The color would be a pain to match without a paint sample, but not impossible. Of course removing a long and a short sign to be copied by a sign maker would be the most ideal of methods. Not sure if anyone would be upset by that or not. I wonder if London's council might even be happy not to pay for the repairs. Then again I wonder if they are even aware of the Police Posts at all, considering they had them all scheduled to be scrapped in the 1970s. Anyone know if they are listed heritage street furniture or buildings whatever the term is? Anyway, If one was going to replace the signs why not the lantern glass as well. Since there are several Posts with the glass intact it would be simple to get measurements and have them copied in plastic. Not sure where to get that done though, or the cost, it might be cheaper for real glass! Mind you some are missing the lantern cap as well so that would need to be copied as well to go with the new glass replacements. That would be a more custom job to replace. Take one down and have duplicates cast? in metal or plastic? How much would that even cost? And a recast object is always smaller than the original. It'll be a bit of a trick to find a solution for that one I suppose... Still all that would be small scale repairs that could be done easily enough on site, without doing a total removal and ground up restoration. It wouldn't stop the Posts from rusting but they wouldn't look like scrap metal or a litter bin either. There are preservation societies for everything, why not Police Boxes? A few donations from people, a little work figuring out the best way to make duplicates of the required parts, getting quotes and commissioning the duplicates, and a bit of time in the field to install the new parts, and done for another decade. Its probably ten times more complicated than that, but still these are the things I feel like when I see photographs of these Posts deteriorating slowly photo to photo.
Hi!!! Remember me??
Hi!!! Remember me??
Yeah i was one of the girls doing the 365 thing. And then i got distracted. My camera hasn't seen daylight in more than two weeks, BUT my apartment is looking VERY nice. Yeah, i've been busy with other things... things that are not photography and not flickr-related. I'm wondering if i've hit a plateau in my interest in photography (just like my interest in playing the guitar). Or maybe i've moved on past the photography fad (personal fad, that is). Maybe i've exhausted the photo ops in my immediate surroundings and just need a new environment to stimulate my interest again. maybe it's all of the above. So here's just my quick holler to all my flickr friends. Many things have transpired since i last posted a 365 photo. Let's see here... I: 1. have passed my driving test (the comment on the score sheet said "EXCELLENT"). 2. have been driving around in the car that Ben got for me (needing a paint job, but works just fine). 3. am living with a new roommate (no comment so far). 4. am missing Becky dearly and sorely (been calling her every other day... i talk to her more than i talk to my new roomie). 5. have settled on a date for my departure for my field trip to Indonesia (leaving on Sept. 25th). 6. have been channeling my energy into cleaning and rearranging my apartment (new-to-me couches arriving next weekend!!). 7. have been trawling Craig's List hunting for cheap, used furniture (no such luck so far). 8. have been having fun unloading my old stuff that's been accumulating in the closet through (i think you should try it, too). 9. have been missing my flickrite friends, but not flickr per se. how's everyone doing??? I miss you guys, really!! Maybe when i go to indonesia i'll come across new photo ops and i'll have some more stuff to share with you... Hope all is doing well!!

how to paint cheap furniture