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Female body replacer and body physics mod for Skyrim

-!This Mod is hosted at the Skyrim Nexus!-
Table Of Contents:

This originally started as a modification of Calientes mesh to make a much curvier and bustier version of that mod but soon turned into much more.
The body is very curvy and has been modified to work with the in game weight slider, this allows for a broader range of looks even on the NPC's.
The body physics (Jiggly breasts and butt) I created from scratch and is the first of its kind in skyrim. The physics allow for the breasts and butt of your character and npc's to bounce and move with animations/armor/clothing made for this mod.
Textures made for CBBE will work with this mod as well, allowing for a wide range of options. The purpose of this mod to allow people to have more options then were originally available for skyrim and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it!
Keep your eyes peeled as updates happen often and will be posted in the versions section.

-30+ animations for Physics for females and females that use male animations as well
-Left and Right Breast bones
-Left and Right Butt bones (Butt bones disabled in 2.2 to prevent Elf Race Crashing)
-Separate bones for control of individual breast and butt cheeks. This allows animators to create much more dynamic animations with the breasts or butt.
-Original Havok bones kept intact allowing all standard animations to work normally. (standard animations will not have body physics though. Those are created seperatly)
-Included CHSBHC mod is weight painted already for the new bones
-Weight slider controls how thin or how curvy the character is.
-Weight paint for breasts and butt are different for femalebody_0 and femalebody_1. This allows the weight slider to not only allow the breasts to get larger
and smaller, but it also makes the amount of physics on the breasts and butt smaller or greater depending on the slider! (More wiggle and
jiggle the higher the weight slider is, less the lower the slider is) !!For modders that made armour for the original CHSBHC mod you will have to paint new weights for the breasts and butt to work with any new animations made for physics!!
-A small amount of automated breast flow has been created with the Pre Breast bones using Lag controllers (Huge thank you goes to Twiggy for this find)
-Updated Level of Detail for Breast and butt bones to allow the rendering of breast bounce from a further distance.
-No Need to overwrite the original game files. (I painstakingly created brand new files that go into your data directory)
-3ds max 2012 file with bone rig to create your own animtions (see more below)

(These clothes are the clothes available in the "Optional Files" section of this download that I modified to fit CHSBHC BBP mod)
(All Clothing is compatible with CHSBHC BBP 2.4 and up. Versions are just the version of the clothing)
-Dark Brotherhood Armor
-Prisoners Clothing
-Chefs Outfit
-Barkeeps outfit

Clothes by Others:
-!This list is updated at: Skyrim Nexus!-
(List may go out of date quickly. Simply search for CHSBHC on the Skyrim nexus under the files --> Advanced search --> Description contains section)

Go here and Download the mod: Skyrim Nexus CHSBHC BBP
Simply extract the contents of this file into your skyrim's data directory.
(this should make files go into this directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets" This depends on your installation and if your using windows 7 or not or steam installed version etc)
Start up your game and get naked or download armors, clothing that is compatible with CHSBHC!
You should be able to go into the showracemenu in the console to play around with the weight slider.

Q: How do I change the Weight of my character (Curvy or less curvy, busty or less busty shape) ?
A: If you want to get to the character creation menu after you have already created your character simply press the ~ key on your keyboard (Next to the 1, on your keyboard)
This will open your console. Type in: showracemenu
This will open your character creation menu where you can edit your character (Dont forget to hit ~ again so you can click on the menus)
Q: How do I change the size(weight) of an NPC?
A: Open the console with your ~ key, click on the NPC you want to change the size of, then type "setnpcweight <1-100>" with 1 being totally flat/thin and 100 being max
Q: How do I move the camera so I can see the front of me while walking, running etc?
A: Open your console and type: "animcam" (Without the quotes) This will allow you to rotate the camera while you walk etc. However you cannot turn your character so you might have to type animcam again to put your camera to default again to turn.
Q: Will CBBE armor/clothing work with this mod?
A: Yes and No. You will see the armor and clothing but it will be the CBBE shape you will be looking at not CHSBHC shape. Also the physics will not work on CBBE Armor/Clothing.
Q: Will the BBP Physics you made work with CBBE or any other body mod.
A: I currently do not provide support of the physics mod on other body types at the moment. I will probably provide a development pack to the other modders like Caliente. But currently there are many pieces required to make the physics mod work properly. Once I can iron out enough to feel comfortable creating a dev pack I will. When? Not sure possibly after the Creation Kit comes out.
Q: Will CBBE skin textures work on CHSBHC?
A: Yes they should work perfectly fine as they both use the same UV template. So as long as the mod is just a texture it will work fine.
Q: Will hand and feet mods work with CHSBHC?
A: If the hands and feet mod were either made for CBBE or CHSBHC they should work fine. If not then no.

Video (NSFW!!):
Weight menu slider and Idle animation (Dailymotion)

Armor and Clothing Creation tutorial
Armor and Clothing Creation tutorial for CHSBHC mod in 3DS Max for beginners!!

Animation Creation Tutorial
Tools needed:
3ds max 2011 (Sorry its the only version i have)
Havok's 3ds max exporter (Its free but you have to fill out some info)
Niftools 3dsmax plugin (Build created by figment) !Very important plugin! or here:
Fallout mod manager or a BSA extract tool to extract the files out of the BSA files: (The BSA browser is awesome and you can install this without having fallout installed just pick fallout 3 when you open the browser and browse to skyrim)
Hkxcmd tool for extracting animations from the game files (not for importing yet).
Skeleton Text file for havok (Included in this file)
3ds max Bone rig (included in this file) (A giant thank you goes out to SaidenStorm from the bethesda forums for helping me with the missing bone parameters in my 3dsmax file!!)

Ok fewwwwww thats a lot of tools!

Steps: (assuming you installed all the tools above)
1) Open the fallout mod manager BSA Browser --> select fallout 3 fromt he popup --> Click the open button --> browse to Program Files\The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\Data (Or wherever your Skyrim install is) --> click on the Animations.bsa --> click open
2) On the left pane click the + next to skyrim --> + Meshes --> + actors --> + character --> + animations --> Click on female
3) on the right pane click on the animation you want or Highlight a bunch of them and then click extract (dont click extract all) select a folder you want to extract to (I suggest you make a new one on your C: root drive if you havent already, it will make the next step easier(Steps below on what folders to make) ((Im using mt_idle.hkx as my example))) then click ok.
3a) For the steps above I recommend making a few NEW directories on your C: drive. Make the following:
C:\Skyrim , and C:\Skyrim\data .
-Put the animation.hkx you extracted above into the C:\Skyrim\data folder.
-Put the Skeleton.hkx file that comes with my mod into the C:\Skyrim\data folder
-Put the hkxcmd.exe tool in the C:\Skyrim folder.
4) Open a command window in windows 7 type cmd then enter in the start bar, other windows version then its: start --> run --> type in cmd then enter
5) in the command window type �cd ..� (without the quotes and keep typing �cd ..� until you get to just the C:\ prompt.
6) Now type �cd Skyrim� (again without the quotes) you should now be in the C:\Skyrim directory that you copied the hkxcmd.exe into.
7) Now type(WITH the quotes this time): hkxcmd ExportKF "c:\Skyrim\Data\Skeleton.hkx" "c:\Skyrim\Data" "c:\Skyrim\Data-out"
7a) Ignore the warning message about bones not found, its why we did the step above, it creates the missing bones for you. Fancy huh?
8) This will create a new folder: C:\Skyrim\Data-out , You will find the animations you extracted to the C:\Skyrim\data (In step 3) now exported in the .kf format in the C:\Skyrim\Data-out directory which you can import into 3ds max.
9) Open 3Ds Max 2011 and open the 3dsmax bones file that was included with this package ("CHSBHC-Vx.x-Physics-Bone-T-Pose.max"). (Once loaded you should see a bunch of bones standing there staring at you ...... waiting)
9a) (Optional) You can import the mesh I modded that comes with this file so you can see whats going on with the animation. Click The 3ds max icon top left --> import --> Browse to the femalebody_1.nif (if you want to use that body shape) --> click ok --> UNCHECK cameras and UNCHECK import skeleton(Very important those 2 are unchecked) leave everything else thats already checked --> click import (The body should be imported and using the bones, yay!)
10) Import the new animation into 3ds max. Click the Max icon top left --> Import --> browse to the mt_idle.kf --> click import on the popup (Leave everything checked)
11) Animate! whooo hooo im animating, im animating! Dont forget the new Left Breast, Right Breast, Left Butt, and Right Butt bones! Move them around for whacky fun!
12) Now its time to export our animation with the havok plugin for 3dsmax (The save file has all the filter settings built in so no fretting!) Click the Disk icon on the Laft top of your screen (If you hover over it, it says export its left of the viewport name and near the Graphite modelling tools text or about an inch strait down from the 3ds max top left button)
13) In the Havok popup window under the Configuration set section click the dropdown and select Animations (if it isnt already selected)
14) click on the Create Skeletons text, this will populate the right pane with info. under where it says Build rigg on the right pane, make sure "from file is checked and "use file order" is checked. --> click on the ... next to the "From File" section and browse to my "CHSBHC bone Rig Breasts and Butt.txt" file that was included with this file.
15) click the Create Animations text in the Configuration section of the Havok popup --> on the right pane make sure "From File" is checked --> click the ... next to the "From File" area and select my "CHSBHC bone Rig Breasts and Butt.txt" again.
16) Click on the Write To Platform text under the Configuration section of the Havok window popup --> on the right pane under "Filename" click the ... --> Specify a new location and filename for your animation (in my case I used mt_idle.hkx !!VEry important you select a location to save in this step or you will get an error that it cannot save it!!)
17) Put your new shiney and polished animation in your "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\female" (If it�s a female animation) folder and load the game!

Viola! your done!
Once you have done this the first time you only really have to do steps 10 - 17 from here on out to create your animations!

Have fun!!

Modify Armor for CHSBHC Discussion thread:
How to modify armor to fit CHSBHC BBP mod tutorial using 3ds max

Mod Discussion Thread:
CHSBHC and BBP Mod Discussion Thread
(Please report any bugs, concerns, and any other info in that forum)

Caliente CBBE Mesh and textures. His original CBBE mod can be downloaded here:
SaidenStorm from the bethesda forums for helping me with the missing bone parameters in my 3dsmax file and being patient with all my questions!
Twiggy for helping with the lagg bone controller for some automatic movement to my custom bones.

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