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My English

If you're going to be comfortable teaching English to your pupils, you need to be confident in your own level of English.

How can you work on your own language skills?

Here is a selection of sites chosen and annotated by trainee teachers, organised into these categories:

General English



This site is interesting because it allows you to work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

  • grammar and vocabulary courses presented as index cards, followed by exercices
  • games in order to learn by having fun: in this part you can also learn English jokes and upload applications for smartphones.
  • audio and video items that you can watch online or download for free: some questions about the chosen podcast will allow you to evaluate yourself.
  • community: you can discuss with members and put some comments on this website or join the community on its social network pages.

Listening and watching


Randall's ESL
Cyber Listening Lab

Many recordings on different topics, organised into easy, medium and difficult, with quizzes and learning activities.

English Lesson Listening Library Online
A huge number of audio and video recordings, with pictures, quizzes, games.  Quite a high level required, though - the speech is fast and idiomatic.

A free English video lesson website: 286 videos posted by 6 experienced native speaker teachers. You can choose the lesson you want by the teacher who presents it, by the topic of the lesson, and by level.

You can also print some resources; as example this One, the 240 Current Spelling Mistakes in English .



Cambridge English Online
    This site is very good for working on your pronunciation.

    On this page, there is a phonemic chart.
    You click on the phoneme you choose and you can listen to its pronunciation. You can listen to a word which contains this phoneme: it makes it easier to recognize it and to learn it.

    Once you master the phonemic chart, you can try the other activities: most of them are games like phonemic hangman, puzzles or "shoot-a-symbol."


    Sounds of American English
    University of Iowa

    This one is a little more technical, but you can also see how your mouth moves to make each sound.

    Choose vowels or consonants, and then choose a subcategory.  It doesn't matter if you don't know the technical terms - just click around and you'll find the different sounds.


    Cambridge Pronunciation

    D you have trouble with those English diphthongs?

    Try this entertaining animation - perhaps just a few at a time ...




    Kevin Halion, an English teacher in Paris,
    has grammar exercises on this site, and references for French exams such as the baccalauréat and the CAPES and Agrégation for English teachers.

    This website is really useful if you want to improve your English grammar:
    • It contains not only exercises but also lessons so if you want to work on a grammar element you find difficult or if you don't remember some grammar rules, you can refresh your memory by reading the lessons before trying to do the exercises

    • There are different tests online according to your level of English So it is a good site for all learners, no matter if they are advanced or beginners.


    English Club

    Learn English Online

    Structured lessons with illustrated examples and quizzes.

    Test preparation


    Maison des Langues
    Université de la Réunion


    Materials for preparing for the
    CLES (Certificat de compétences en language pour l'enseignement supérieur)

    IUFM Paris

    Mallette for the CLES 2