Welcome to Cherry English, a site for young English language learners and their teachers, with special help for French speakers:
  • web-based activities for school-aged learners
  • classroom support for teachers working with young learners
  • resources for professional development in foreign language teaching

The site has three strands



 ready to eat
   pick 'n' mix
   grow your own

for young learners, 
at school 
or at home

for practising teachers, 
English specialists 
or not

for students of language teaching 
and learning, and for 
professional development
  • play a game
  • hear a story
  • sing a song
  • review
  • print an activity
  • select themes
  • choose activities
  • find tips and ideas
  • access print resources
  • second language acquisition
  • teaching young learners
  • practical questions
  • learning technologies
  • English proficiency