Frozen Meringue Creams

From Cherrapeño

Adapted from The Best of Sainsbury's Desserts, now out of print

1 pint (568ml) double cream (heavy cream)
2 tablespoons Cointreau liqueur (or other flavouring - brandy/orange juice)
1 tablespoon icing sugar (powdered sugar)
4 oz (125g) meringues
Fruit of your choice to serve with - strawberries, raspberries etc.

Place the cream into a bowl with the icing sugar and Cointreau, whip until it stands in soft peaks.

Break the meringues into pieces and fold into the cream.

Spoon into individual moulds, or a 2½ pint (1.5 litre) ring mould lined with foil or cling film. If using silicone baking moulds, you don't need to line them, as once frozen, they pop out quite successfully. Cover with cling film and freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Turn out onto serving dishes 20 minutes before serving and place in the fridge to soften slightly, or you can serve straight from the freezer if preferred. Serve with the fruit.