Chocolate Daim Ice Cream Cones

From Cherrapeño

Note: make sure you have room in your freezer to stand these upright in a container.
Amounts are a guide, depends on your cone size.

6 ice cream cones
Approx 200g good milk chocolate - 1/3 for cone filling and 2/3 for dipping
1 x 100g packet of Daim pieces
Vanilla ice cream - I made my own and used this recipe from Delicious Magazine, it was a bit sweet so I'll cut down on the sugar next time, or you can buy a carton of good vanilla ice cream

Make vanilla ice cream according to the recipe and add the Daim pieces at the end.

Melt about a third of the chocolate and pour it into the bottom of the cones, place the cones upright in a container and put into the freezer.

When ice cream has fully frozen, remove from freezer and spoon some of it into the cones, coming up near to the rim of the cone. With an ice cream or cookie scoop, make a ball of ice cream and pop it onto the top of the cone. If the ice cream is melting too quickly at this point, make the balls and put them into the freezer to firm up for an hour or so before popping onto the cones.
Return cones to the freezer for an hour or so.

Melt the rest of the chocolate (you may need more) and leave to cool, but it should still be pourable.
Take one cone at a time from the freezer and working quickly, dip into the chocolate so that the ice cream is covered, return them straight to the freezer. You may need to spoon the chocolate over when you get to the last couple.

Note: Next time I am going to brush the whole of the inside of the cone with the chocolate and then freeze before adding the chocolate to the bottom of the cone.