Boursin, Tomato and Cucumber Nibbles

From Cherrapeño 

Amounts are approximate because it depends on the size of the cucumber. I used Boursin cheese, but you can use any cream cheese - one with herbs would be good.

1 small cucumber, or half a long one
100g Boursin, or cream cheese
Fresh basil leaves
Semi dried tomatoes in olive oil, sun blushed tomatoes or even half a cherry tomato

Cut the cucumber in half length-ways and slice a little off the bottom to make it sit flat on the plate.
Scoop out the seeds and discard them.
Fill the hollow of the cucumber with the Boursin/cream cheese, smooth top with a knife.
Cut the cucumber into bite sized pieces and top each one with a basil leaf and a tomato. Secure with a cocktail stick.
Drizzle with some of the olive oil from the tomatoes.
Chill until ready to serve.