Since she emerged in the mid-'60s, Cher taught to each generation the meaning of the word Diva. However, no definition perfectly reflects the talent, charisma, success and longevity of this great artist. It’s a difficult task.
            To understand the American myth Cher, its
necessary to go beyond. She’s a recordist on her many facets: triumphant actress, successful singer, avant-garde television presenter, director, record producer, songwriter, fashion icon, a living legend.
            During her almost 50 year-career, Cher is one of a few artists to be honored with Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, Golden Globes Awards, Cannes Festival Awards, alongside with many others, not counting the multiple albums and singles certifications worldwide.
            Considering that, Cher Jukebox website is a living proof of this long and winding road followed by this great entertainer, containing an organized and cataloged collection, featuring a complete discography since Sonny & Cher, including her filmography, videography and special releases around the world.
            Welcome and find out why Cher is the only artist to reach the number one on Billboard general charts in six decades. Enjoy!

(By Djosci Coelho de Sá Junior  - Brazil)


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