Please see below for some of the comments made by parents, guardians and students who have trained with us.

'We have been more than impressed with the impact TKD has had on on our child. It has given her confidence in herself, has helped to maintain a level of fitness and commitment to her 'team'. It also helps us, as parents, know that our child is equipped to protect herself if ever she were to be attacked!

Mr Baxter has demonstrated that not only does he care about his students whilst in his class - but out of it also.'

Mrs K Miller

'Taekwondo is an excellent opportunity for children to learn perseverance while doing something they really enjoy. The Chepstow group are small and friendly and my eight year old loves it.'

Mrs Z Pearce-Tomenius

'Great way to make friends concentrate and learn great values in a fun environment - strangely relaxing. Never done the Martial art stuff before but seeing the excitement of competitions has been a real eye opener. Lot's of fun for all the family. The boys love it, Little Pumas under 4 - 7 and the normal sessions for juniors and adults.'

Mr D Bruce

'Great teaching by a great teacher and fantastic students'

Mr J Bressington

Mr Baxter is an excellent instructor. He strikes a perfect balance between discipline and fun for the children. My daughter really enjoys her classes and there is a real group spirit. I also attend the adult class and find Mr Baxter’s approach to teaching really inclusive and flexible to the needs and abilities of the students. If you are considering starting Taekwondo, this is the class for you!

Mr D Adams