Corporate Self Defence Program

Lots of Businesses and Corporations are hiring Mindfulness Coaches, Relaxation Therapists, Masseuses and some are even hiring Dogs to come in and ensure that their staff are relaxed, have low levels of stress and are able to work whilst still being healthy.

But what if companies want to offer their staff ways to feel safer, to deal with stressful situations and also to have a little bit of light hearted stress relief whilst improving their overall fitness?

This is way our Corporate Self Defence Program comes in.

From a one off session to a block booking, we will come in to your place of work and teach a small amount of Self Defence Techniques as well as coaching on the adrenaline response to confrontation and avoidance techniques. We can take this one step further by putting your staff into realistic but safe situations to use the techniques they have learnt, coached by one of our experienced team.

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