About Us

Chepstow Taekwon-do

Chepstow Taekwon-do was originally founded under the instruction of Mr D MacLachlan in 2002 as part of the Professional Unification of Martial Arts. In 2009, the school was passed to Mr P Whitlock (IV) after Mr MacLachlan sadly passed away.

Mr Baxter started training at Chepstow Taekwon-do, during Mr Whitlock's First Year at Chepstow as it's instructor, whilst at University in Wales. In 2010, the school changed hands again to Mr M Bridgeman (II) and Mr Baxter became the assistant instructor under Mr Bridgeman. In 2011, Mr Baxter graded successfully to first degree black belt and in 2012, took over as the Little PUMA Instructor working with Mr Bridgeman. In 2013, Mr Baxter was given the immense honour of taking over the school as it's Chief Instructor.

Since then we have seen a 100% pass rate of students at gradings, many passing with credits, we have had a successful competitive group of students that have gone on to represent at National and International level as well as fighting to represent their country at a Fight Night, we have raised over one thousand pounds for the Bristol Children Hospital by doing 50K Kicks in one day and most importantly have continued to teach Taekwon-do in a family environment that keeps our students and members safe whilst they enjoy their journey.