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C25k course


New Beginners' Course

Beginners' 0-5k course starts Thursday 14th September, 6.15pm on the Field at Chepstow Leisure Centre.


Have you ever wished you could start running, but were worried about joining a 'club'? 

Or made a New Year's resolution to get fitter but are struggling or even given up?

We can help you!

Chepstow Harriers will be offering the NHS proven 'Couch to 5K' programme beginning Thursday September 14th at 6.15pm and finishing with a 5k at the Lydney Parkrun in November

 If you can presently walk a mile, we'll help you jog with a smile!

This course is for you!

Over the course of 9 weeks we will start with ‘run walk sessions’ and gradually increase the running time so that after 9 weeks you will be able jog 5K at your own pace!

Full support will be offered by a team of trained and dedicated coaches, as well as encouragement via a Facebook group page.  Your commitment would be to do the session plus two additional exercises in the week.

Access to the training routine, audio MP3s to guide you through, and other helpful advice is available on the NHS website

Where : Chepstow Leisure Centre sports field

When : Thursdays 6.15pm from September 2017

Cost: This course will be FREE, so come and try it out!! 


Children are welcome as long as they stay under the control / responsibility of a parent / carer.

Watch this space for any more information, and interact on the facebook page here