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The 2018 Handicap Series has now finished.

Thank you to all runners and helper that have participated in what I hope was a successful Series.

This was my final Series as the organiser/handicapper, thanks to everyone for their help and patience over the years I've been doing these tasks, and good luck to my successors, Tim & Lynne Buckley, who I've no doubt what's so ever, will take the Series to the next level.

Race 1 - 

Race 2 - 

Race 3 - 

Race 4 -  

The Handicap Series awards are based on best 3 out of 4 placings.

The individual race winners will be here:

Race 1 Tuesday 10th April.     Jenni Bell         

Race 2 Thursday 26th April.   Lyndsay Patterson

Race 3 Thursday 10th May.    John Thomas

Race 4 Tuesday 29th May.      Tanya Forehead

The winner on each night will receive a prize, and the best 3 out of 4 placings will count towards the series awards.

Series 1st, 2nd and 3rd are here:

Winner  -  Amy Brownbill

Second -  Dickie Hudd

Third    -  Jamie Goddard

 The men's course record is 28:07 set by Tom Gibbs on 20 May 2010.  The women's course record is 30:18 set by Kath Matthews on 1st May 2014.

Individual race Start Lists and Results will be here:

10th April Race 1 Start List was here
Race 1 Results here
26th April

Race 2 Start List was here
Race 2 Results here
10th May Race 3 Start List was here
Race 3 Results Here

29th May 
Race 4 Start List was here
Race 4 Results here

Final 2018 Handicap Standings
are here
Final 2018 Handicap PBs here

Individual race helpers will be here:                                   

Race 1.    Geoff. Paul. Syd. Rob. James. Andy. Tim. Lynne. Jan.  
              Clare(baking). Gareth.


Race 2.      Syd. Neil. Dick. Rob. Tim. Lynne. Lisa. Gareth. Lou.




Race 3.       Jean, Syd, Dick, Gareth, Geoff


Race 4.      
Geoff, Paul, Bram, Gareth, Wendy, Gemma, Andy,
                   Syd, Tim, Rob, Jean, Lynne



   Where is the Handicap Course?    Map of Course  

Handicap Car Park

The course is just under 5 miles long and runs on forest fire tracks around Chepstow Park Woods. The surface is 'hard-pack' gravel which can vary depending on forest operations within the wood.

The elevation change is roughly 180m.


The Handicap explained.

Link to Garminconnect with map of course

 2017 Results are here:

Race 1 Results
Race 2 Results
Race 3 Results
Race 4 Results

Other past Handicap results can be found here.

Handicap Age Category Records:

We are in the process of creating an archive of handicap records for each age category. These records will go 10 deep.
If you are proud of a previous handicap time and feel it might be in the top ten for your age at the time you achieved it, then please fill out the form below:

Handicap Form

Your submission will be automatically added to a spreadsheet. Every now and then I'll tidy up the spreadsheet into some semblance of order. This is the spreadsheet:


Handicap ‎Spreadhseet