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Fell Series

    The Chepstow Harriers Fell Series is a series of races in the calendar year that club members are encouraged to take part in. These races are chosen at the start of the year by the Fell Series Co-ordinator. Points are awarded in each race and an overall table of positions showing accumulated points is produced. Awards are presented to the top 3 male and female points scorers at the club awards dinner in January (all members completing the required minimum number of races, usually 4 of the 9 races, also receive a memento).

The Fell races chosen all tend to be in South Wales so traveling time is kept to a minimum. Those attending tend to share transport.
Fell Races are all categorised in terms of length and difficulty:
Length - S (short), M (medium), L (long).
Difficulty A, B, C.
These are combined to denote the severity of the race. Eg: Pen Tir Drop BS (moderate difficulty and short)

Other abbreviations are:
LK - local knowledge - meaning it's worth going on a recce beforehand
PM - partially marked - expect some course markings to help you navigate
ER - experience required
NS - navigational skills needed

Eg: Tour of Torpantau AM ER/NS/LK - fell racing experience required, navigational skills needed and worth doing a recce beforehand.

A number of Harrier members organise fell races: Dick Finch, Andy Blackmore, Andy Creber, Joc and Paul Dodd, Karen Elvers, Gareth Jones, Rob Brown ...

See Joc's guidelines for Kit needed for Fell Races here

Four Fans

9 races - best 4 count

The way we score the fell races is changing for 2017. Put simply, it will be how your time compares to the average runner's time in the race. See here for how it all works.

Since races in the series are scored according to each runner's performance compared to all runners in the race, having 4 races counting out of a total of 9 in the series, will not lead to difficulties with equal scores for those contending the win in each category. The main idea of having nine races in total is to give as much chance as possible for everyone to get 4 races in.

Joc is the series co-ordinator in 2017. She hopes the choice of races will give both experienced fell racers and 'newbies' a selection of races to get their teeth into. She plans to organise a recce of each route before the race so that everyone will feel confident in taking part - look out for news of the recce's on both FB and the BB. 

2017 Series

Overall Positions and points for the 2017 Series are here

   Race     Date, time, Cost
 Grade, distance and height gain

  1    Hatterall Hammer
Sat Feb 18th. 2:00pm. £4
AS. 6.6km 330m (4.1miles 1080ft)

Tor Y FoelSat Mar 18th. 2:00pm. £5AS. 7.4km 350m (4.6miles 1150ft) Results
  3CribynSat Apr 22nd. 1:00pm. £5AS. 8.9km 946m (5,5miles 3100ft) Results
  4CoitySat Jun 17th. 1:00pm. £5BS. 8.0km 300m (5.0miles 984ft) Results
  5Charmouth ChallengeSat Jul 1st. 2:30pm. £12Not an actual fell race. 8 miles Results
  6Four FansSat Aug 19th. 11:00am. £3AM. 18.0km 1200m (11.2miles 3940ft) Results

Fan Brycheiniog   
Sat Sept 2nd. 11:00am. £5
AM. 15.7km 840m (9.8miles 2750ft)
  8Llyn Y FanSat Nov 11th. 12:00am. £4AS. 8.8km 610m (5.5miles 2000ft) None
  9SkirridSat 16th Dec. 2:00pm. £5AS. 5.7km 450m (3.6miles 1476ft) Results

Myth busting

Ordinary leisure runners (whoever they might be) competing in 10k's, half marathons and the occasional marathon on roads and trails, often assume that fell racers are slightly mad and hard as nails. Well, some are, but like all running genres, the races contain runners with a wide range of speed, age, experience and skills. 

  • Anyone can do fell races - running in the hills can be a truly amazing experience and some might say almost spiritual.
  • You do not need to be a brilliant navigator as some races are well marked or follow easy paths or ridges.
  • You do not need to run up the hills - there is often a fair bit of walking to be done.

However, unlike competing in a road or trail 10k you will need some specific skills and equipment.

The equipment is easy - waterproof top and bottoms, hat, gloves, bum bag (or very small rucksack), compass and whistle. The clothing requirement varies, depending on weather conditions. There are times when the race organiser requires you to carry full waterproofs... and at other times you need not take any additional clothing. Always turn up at the race with your full gear and ask when you get there what is required on the day. Maps are always supplied by the race organiser but you may prefer to take your own.

The skills part is often the bit that holds runners back from trying a fell race.

Those that have done a bit of a hill walking will probably already know how use a map and compass. They'll also understand how to be comfortable in all types of mountain weather. That's a good start, and all that they'll need to do is get out there running on the hills, getting used to navigating in bad weather and practicing running over all manner of terrain.

Those that have little hill walking experience and who think of themselves as a 'numpty' navigator .... don't panic! Just get some experience by going out on a hill run with some other Harriers. And, mountain navigation is much easier than finding your way around the road network with a road atlas. You just need to persuade someone to go out with you and show you the ropes. Indeed the best way to get fell running skills is to go out on a recce of an easy fell race beforehand with someone who knows what they're doing. Or you could offer to help out on one of the many fell races organised by members of the club.

The essential information source for Welsh Fell Races:

See also the new

2016 Series

Overall Positions and points in 2016 here
  1. Craig Yr Allt, AS 6km 300m - Jan 23 14:00  Results
  2. Tour of Torpantau, AM 12.8km 760m - Feb 27 11:00  Results
  3. Sugar Loaf BM 11.2km 526m - Apr 9 11:00 Results
  4. Cwmdu, AM 15.9km 920m - May 29 13:00  Results
  5. Darrens Dash, BS 9.6kms 400m - Jun18 14:00 Results
  6. Waun Fach, AM 11.2kms 610m - Jul 23 14:00 Results
  7. Llantony Show, AS 5.6kms 335m - Aug 6 12:15 Results
  8. Black Mountains, AL 27.4kms 1586m - Sept 24 12:00 
  9. Fan Brycheiniog, AM 14kms 840m - Oct 15 11:00 Results

2015 Series

8 races - your best 4 to score.

The overall positions in the 2015 series are here: 2015 Positions to date

  1. Kymin - Sat 3rd Jan    Results
  2. Dare Valley - Sat 7 Mar    Results
  3. Sirhowy Challenge - Sun 17 May    Results
  4. Darrens Dash - Sat 6 June   Results
  5. Waun Fach - Sat 18 July    Results
  6. Crook Peak - Wed 26 August    Results
  7. Sugarloaf - Sat 24 October Results
  8. Blorenge - Sat 28 November    Results

2014 Series

8 races – your best 5 to score. Final 2014 Results

  1. Kymin 3.9 miles, 1150 ft ascent Kymin Results
  2. Sugarloaf, BM 11.2km/526m 7 miles/1725ft NS/LK/PM Sugarloaf Results
  3. Pentyrch Hill Race BM 11km/488m 6.8 miles/1600ft PM Pentyrch Results
  4. Coity Race (*) BS 8km/300m Coity Results
  5. Charmouth Challenge Charmouth Results
  6. Fan y Big Horseshoe (*) BM 16.5km/671m
  7. The Blorenge AS  4km/427m  2.5m/1400ft
  8. The Skirrid AS 5.7km/450m 3.6 miles/146ft PM Results

2013 Series

  1. Kymin - Sat 5 Jan. 3.9 miles, 1150 ft ascent    Results
  2. Llanthony - Sat 16 March. 3.4 miles 1250 ft ascent - Results
  3. Cribyn - Sat 27 April. 5.5 miles, 3100 ft ascent Results
  4. Steam Bunny Stomp, Sat 11 May. 6.9 miles, 1466ft ascent Results
  5. Beacon Batch, Tues 25 June (evening race). 5 miles, 1000 ft ascent Results
  6. Charmouth, Sat 6 July. 7.7 miles, 1903 ft ascent Results
  7. Llanthony Show, 3 August. 3.5 miles, 1100 ft ascent Results
  8. Sugarloaf - Sat 26 Oct. 5 miles, 1455 ft ascent Results

Archived Results

2012 Results here

2011 results here

2010 results here

2009 results here.