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Club 'Top Ten Times'

  You can now submit your 'top ten time' yourself in a form found below.
To submit a time to be included simply click on the distance you would like to submit a time for from the left hand column, and then fill out the form.
You can view all the submission made by members in a spreadsheet on the right. Don't worry if the spreadsheet looks a little strange at first with your submitted time - the person looking after the records will come along later and tidy it up.

 Submit your time by filling out the form below
 The Spreadsheet below shows all the top ten times submitted.
NOTE: You cannot submit times on these sheets, simply view them
   One Mile
  One Mile Spreadhsheet
   5k   5k Spreadhsheet
   4 Miles
  4 Miles Spreadhsheet
   5 Miles
  5 Miles Spreadhsheet
   10k   10k Spreadhsheet
   8 Miles
  8 Miles Spreadhsheet
   10 Miles
  10 Miles Spreadhsheet
   20k   20k Spreadhsheet
   Half Marathon
  Half Marathon Spreadhsheet
   20 Miles
  20 Miles Spreadhsheet
   Marathon   Marathon Spreadhsheet
   Ultra   Ultra Spreadhsheet
  Club Handicap
  Handicap Spreadsheet

The database can include the top ten times for each distance.

Why have a 'top ten times' database:
  1. To open the possibility of being included in the records to more club members and so encourage improvement/progression to a greater number of people
  2. So that when new records are made, the previous holder does not just disappear
  3. To honour the achievements of those in the club who were 2nd or 3rd ....or 10th and only just a little slower than the top slot

General guidelines/rules:
  • You must have been a Chepstow Harrier at the time of your submitted result
  • You must provide some kind of verification of the time - web link to exact results page (and not just the website of the organiser) or photo/scan of printed results - send these photos/scans to
  • Only current paid up club members can submit times
  • If the webmaster cannot verify your time with the information you provide, it may be deleted
Any problems? Just email:

Archived Records:


(These older records show the situation up to Feb 2017)