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 Brandi T. Fairborn, OH 
***** 5-star
This place is delicious! I loved the style, not what people expect.  It is a very small restaurant,.. I got the beef and broccoli and it was delicious. I will most definitely be returning to this place
Chen Dyansty Incorporated/Chen's Asian Bistro" Better then China Town, USA
I have eaten at many restaurant in many "Chinatown" on the east and west coasts and Chen's is the best.
It is not "cookie cutter" Chinese food, it is real cuisine. Jenny Chen will make anything to order that you
want. and her food is always fresh.  The sauce are unique, yet always retain their regional characteristic
flavor., The Egg Foo Yung in divine, as are the spring rolls.  I have to be gluten free and Jenny Chen, chef
extraordinaire, understands this.  I never have to worry about MSG, either, the food is always pure and good.
Halley-YS Ohio
Chens Asian Bistro guarantees quality food with excellent service.  Jenny, owner and cook, has mastered the
art of cooking chinese food. She makes everything from the scratch,nothing precooked and NO MSG or 
artificial ingredients added.  I would highly recommend going to CHENS for any occasion.
Michelle-Dayton, Ohio
Remarkable----We drive 40 minutes one waw once a month just for Chens delicious food.  We have tried every
chinesse restaurant around and nothing even comes close to Jennys(Chef) food.  I have and will continue to
recommend this restaurant . 
MeeshXeniaOhio-  Simply the best tasting Asian bistro dishes. I drive 12 miles each way for the best Gourmet
Chinese food.  Their prices are reasonable. No buffett mentality at Chen's.
 Ken -Centerville
Jenny has developed a loyal following over the years. I now know why.. For the past several weeks I have been on an almost 100% diet of her cooking and I have achieved my weight goal while eating satisfying portions. She. has  achieved mastery of creating delicious Chinese cusine both tasty and healthy. Additionally, my general health has improved with sound sleeping and reduced tension duing the day. I find it difficult to identify a particular dinner that is better than another. Every dish or item I have tried always satisfies. The short drive is worth every mile. I look forward to enjoying her cooking, her wonderful smile and enjoyable atmosphere. When in or near Yellow Springs, you owe it to yourself to stop in and discover real Chinese cusine..
March 4, 2012
Hi Jenny, Thank you so much for the warm hospitality and the awesome food.  I have eaten many plates
of general tsos over the years but I was completely pleased with our meal today.  Thank you again and we
will be back soon.  Thanks for the crab Rangoon.
 Tony Charles-International Representative/Director of Marketing, Slide Hampton Musique Publishing,LLC
May 21, 2012-------Springfield, OH
Chen's Asian Bistro
I'm new to Ohio, from New Jersey (15 mins by train to NY Penn Station) and thought I knew what it was to
experience exceptional 
Chinese cuisine...I thought I knew...Boy... was I wrong.
About a week ago my sister decided to take a drive to Yellow Springs,  Ohio.  She introduced me to her
good friend Jenny Chen, she's the master chef and proprietor of Chen's Asian Bistro, located íin Yellow Springs, Ohio.
I dined on my favorite Chinese dish, Mongolian Beef...Twice....It's sweet and succulent, scallions and
carrots..sauteed to perfection. Ms Chen's passion for food is a thing of'll smile as you dine,
perfectly blended seasonings tab dance on your're on a culinary journey without rival. I forgot
to mention the aroma...your nose gets to dine first, preparing you for melodic mouthfuls of what is the
Jenny Chen experience, doubt my words?  Order whatever you like..then write your review.
If my mom cooked chinese food, it still wouldn't be better than Chen's......
RLocust, Columbus, Ohio-June 24,2012
"Five out of Five"
The following is a review of Chen's Asian Bistro.  I had the joy of dining there on recent trip to Yellow Springs,
Ohio and I highly recommend this amazing restaurant....
Andy H-Dayton, Ohio-June 24,2012
"Chef Jenny is Superb"
My sister and I were traveling through Yellow Springs and stopped in to have tea and get on the internet(there is free
Wi-Fi here).....The sweetest restaurant owner either of us have EVER met.
Kaitlyn R--Athen Ohio-June 17,2012
"Wonderful Meal"
Chen's is a must stop if you're ever in Yellow Springs......The food was great I'm pretty picky about my Chinese
food but this was really very good.....
thexile-columbus, Oh--June 13,2012
"Great Food and Service, Highly Recommend"
Just a little place in Yellow Springs, Chen's really caught us off guard....It was like we walked in Grandma's kitchen.
The owner herself greeted us and welcomed us in like we were long lost relatives.........
elay6656-SW Ohio-Senior Contributor-April 27,2012