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"If my mom cooked chinese food, it still wouldn't be better than Chen's"
RLocust-Columbus Ohio
Upon entering Chen's cozy Asian Bistro, I was greeted by a friendly waiter who recommended General Tso's Chicken when I asked for his recommendation.  He was very keen on making sure to understand my lever of
"heat" in order to make sure my General Tso's was just right for me (truthfully, alot of diners have no real concept
of "heat", so it causes a lot of confusion in restaurants).  A few minutes later, an elegantly arranged plate of chicken
 and broccoli arrived with a bowl of rice on the side, a perfect way to allow me to temper the heat of the chicken with rice if desired. A perfect meal. made fresh and delicious. How could this dining experience get any better?
As I was starting to wonder who was this chef behind the curtain that crafted such a meat that p;eased the senses
so well, Jenny Chen came out of the kitchen and asked if everything was okay after warminhg me that it was hot and spicy(Again, diners who ask for the spicy food should expect spicy food. If it's too spicu for them, they shouldn't order the items with the asterisk next to them. The chef shouldn't be held responsible for customers who don't under-
stand the "hot and spicy" means hot and spicy).  Luckily for me, she wasn't swamped in the kitchen making orders
this Monday afternoon, so I had a very pleasant conversation with a very kind woman who, dispite her sweet motherly charm, is as tough and as wise as anybody I've ever met. Motherhood and restaurant management has
that effect I guess.  I walked in Chen's by myself expecting just a decent mear and nothing more.  Instead, I got a
great conversation with an amazing woman.
Just don't expect Jenny to have the time to chat with you on those days the customers pack the place,  And be
patient in any restaurant that only has in chef in the kitchen and a short supply of wait-staff that may be new to the
business.   For just one person in that kitchen, I'm impressed with what she does, especially when I've worked in the
other restaurant which were built around Henery Ford's assembly-line process complete with an entire staff of people
who merely do one thing before passing it down the line.
Chen's Asian Bistro is ran by a one-woman-band who serves up more than just a simple meatl between two slices
of bread.