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Today's Specials

    Enjoy a feast that is true to the Chinese home cooking:  Check this out, Real -Bourbon Chicken,Curry Chicken....
 Gluten free dishes, No MSG.

Vegetable or Vegetable bean soup......................... (S) $3.95, (L) $5.95.
Cold noodle w. Vegetable and Sesame seeds..........(S) $4.95, (L) $7.95       

Wow! another "Chen can cook and so can You"

 On demand: Don't Missed.
Learn how to cooking, you may love it, but it will be
YOURS for the duration of your life on Earth. And
Be Happy!
New-----Chen can cook and so can you!
            On Monday, October 10.
             11:00am-12:00/ hands-on healthy Asian food preparation instruction.
              12 noon-1:00pm/enjoy our creations!
               $5.00 for groceries,  $7.00 for class
Registration and deposit for groceries by  Friday, October 7.