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                                         Raveendran Chennilode

                     Basically a media person

                                    Fascinated by the music of India

                                    Inspired by Indology

                                    Dedicated to the study of Evolution of Cinema

                                    Migrated to the mysterious world of Orchids


Thirty Five years as Radio Broadcaster

 Starting with the rendering of own poem in mother toungue Malayalam"Puzhu"in 1971 during college days, joining All India radio as a Staff Artist in 1979 and expecting retirement in January 2012, it is a long long journey into the various fields of life, science and art.....(More.)

 Forty years of study behind the Screen

 Like any artist with a love for the Cinema, was engaged in studying the sociology of Cinema which changed the culture of Man, which developed the human brain into the higher state of understanding the creativity and way of exposure, and how it  spread to continents and into the countries and villages of the world and how it became a tool of social changes. ...(More.)


The all encompassing Energy called Music 

From the lullaby to the wild sea waves, from the beat of the heart to the thunderstorm, from the rain drop to the cosmic Dance it is the manifestation of the Ultimate only for the mere senses of man and the created..(More.) 


 Orchids the flowers of Mystery and Romance

Once in the  history of the Primitive World, when men were asleep after the happy day and evening, the jealosy nymphs and angels, the beauties of the other world heaven, came to Earth for witnessing the pretty world of the Man. They flew all over the gardens and forests of earth and forgot to fly back before the dawn. They became frozen to the trees and rocks as flowers, but never flew back. They are Orchids...(More.) 

 Chennilode In a Chinese Orchid Farm
Address: Raveendran Chennilode, Programme Executive, All India radio, Trivandrum.
                 Aarsha, Chennilode, Medical College Post, Trivandrum, Kerala. Pin - 695011
                 Phones: 91-471-3054617, Mobiles: 09388116245, 08893716245
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 Wife:     Mangala Raveendran, Horticulturist, Orchid farming
Daughter: Aarsha Raveendran, Music Student, Kerala University