What should I expect when I see an allergist?

As an allergy doctor in Chennai specializing in allergy skin test, the allergy specialist will take a comprehensive allergy history including an analysis of your symptoms, a relevant physical exam and a thorough environmental evaluation.

How will the doctor identify my allergies?

The allergist will also conduct a skin test / allergy test to determine your specific allergens. (Common allergens include dust mites, pollens, mold and pet dander.) This skin test is effective to evaluate both inhalant allergens and food allergens.

What is a allergy skin test?

A skin test is a simple procedure that is best described as tiny scratches made on the surface of the skin on your forearm. If you are allergic to a substance, a small mosquito bite-like bump will appear.The allergist can determine your unique allergy profile and the severity of your allergies based on the results of the skin test. Because everyone has specific allergic triggers, knowing what you are allergic to is important for effective treatment. The entire diagnostic test and the results for interpretation is completed in 20 to 30 minutes in the outpatient consultation itself.

What is the treatment after allergy identification?

Once the allergist identifies the allergens that are causing your symptoms, a treatment plan can be recommended. These treatment plans include avoidance of allergens

and allergy medications. If allergy avoidance and medications fail to relieve the allergy problems, then IMMUNOTHERAPY or ALLERGY VACCINE is suggested.

What happens if my allergies go untreated?

Allergies can be the underlying cause of frequent sinus, ear, eye , nasal and lower respiratory tract infections. Untreated allergies can even exacerbate or cause asthma;The Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology states that "Approximately 80 percent of all asthma in children and half of all asthma in adults is caused by allergies."

Allergies are responsible for symptoms that may make it difficult for you to concentrate, or they may cause sinus headaches both of which can result in a loss of productivity. This loss of productivity can filter into your work, school and home life. Don't let your allergies control you. Take control of your allergies!