Allergy Test- Information

We offer complete care of allergic diseases including asthma, hay fever, hives, eczema , food allergy, selected medication allergy, recurrent infections including chronic sinusitis, ear infections and chronic cough.


A complete evaluation include a comprehensive allergy history, physical examination to identify your allergies. An allergy test will help to identify food and aeroallergens and to institute avoidance and control measures

The allergy test for diagnosis of allergies is BLOOD ALLERGY TEST or Epicutaneous test

  • In Blood allergy test , the test results are available in two to three days. Phadia Immunocap is the standard method to identify IgE antibodies to specific allergens in blood. Blood allergy test is offered for children, patients on antihistamines, patients taking ongoing treatment for asthma, urticaria and those with skin eczema
  • In epicutaneous test , a drop of allergen is scratched on the skin, the test may be uncomfortable ( like a mosquito bite ) but not painful. The results are interpreted 20 minutes after the allergens are applied