Allergy Vaccine

Sublingual immunotherapy (Allergy Drops) is the name given to allergy vaccines that are administered orally.

Allergen immunotherapy is a preventative treatment to relieve allergy symptoms caused by allergens such as pollens, molds, dust mites, and animal dander.

We perform skin testing (or blood test) to find out which allergens cause you to have allergic responses. We then customize your sublingual immunotherapy serum to these problematic allergens.

Medications such as antihistamines , nasal sprays, inhalers treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and other allergy-related disorders whereas immunotherapy induces a natural immunity or tolerance to the allergen. The gradual introduction of the “causative allergen” to the allergic patient reduces the allergic symptoms and lessens (sometimes may eliminate) the need for medications.

Some Benefits of Sublingual Immunotherapy

· Treats the root cause of your allergy problems by inducing a natural immunity or tolerance to the allergen

· Proven effective in patients with allergic rhinitis (hay fever), and other allergic disorders

· Reduction in number of upper respiratory infections that require antibiotics

· Reduction in use of medications to control your allergies

· Improved quality of life compared to standard medical therapy

· More cost effective in the long run compared to daily medication to treat continuing allergic disorders

· Avoids the discomfort of injections and associated local reactions

· Allows the treatment to be administered at home, which saves you travel time and expense of coming into clinic

· Less potential for a systemic anaphylactic reaction, and regarded as being very safe

Some Drawbacks or Risks of Allergy Drops

· Takes about 3-6 months to experience benefit and requires you to continue medication during the build-up phase

How is sublingual immunotherapy given and for how long?

Typically allergy drops are given in increasing the concentration strength until the “maintenance” dose is reached . Afterwards, this maintenance dose is continued at a stable dose.

Allergy drops are usually continued for at least 2 years of maintenance therapy. At that time, we will make a decision about whether to taper your drops or to continue the therapy longer.